Antioxidants in skin care – how to fight free radicals

Free radicals are a very big threat to our body. They cause skin ageing, damage the natural protective barrier and even damage the DNA. If you want to prevent such changes or delay them, use cosmetics with antioxidants.

How do free radicals work?

Free radicals are formed by solar radiation, air pollution or chemical substances. They have the ability to modify DNA, which can affect the condition of the whole body as well as the skin. The most common damages include those caused by UV radiation. The collagen fibres are decomposed, which in turn affects its firmness and density. Therediscolourationsolorations, the hydrolipid barrier is damaged, the skin becomes dry.

Damage to DNA caused by solar radiation is also known as oxidative stress. The effects of its operation include:

– disturbance of the proper functioning of the skin defense system,
– difficult microcirculation and inferior oxygenation of skin cells,
– higher risk of psoriasis,
– slower wound healing,
– the acne symptoms getting worse,
– hair loss,
– skin dryness, susceptibility to irritation, faster wrinkle formation.

What do free radicals have in common with rosacea and capillary skin?

Free radicals are present at the core of the formation of both rosacea and capillary skin. The vascular skin is sensitive to environmental factors that affect the function of blood vessels, whilst in the formation of rosacea, solar radiation plays a major role.

Dermocosmetics with antioxidants

You can find them at any pharmacy or buy via the Internet. Antioxidant dermocosmetics is, for example, Pharmaceris brand, especially the products in the N and R series. Try the Pharmaceris N Puri-Capilaril gel for cleansing and soothing redness, Pharmaceris R Hydro-Rosalgin SPF 15 multiflux face cream, or the active Pharmaceris N Magni-Capilaril SPF 10 anti-wrinkle cream. When it comes to makeup, you can go for a moisturizing antioxidant foundation with silmarine and vitamin E.

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