Bath most recommended cosmetics: bubbly body wash, bath salt and bath bomb – properties

Nowadays it seems that everyone is in a hurry. The symbol of this fast-paced and intense lifestyle could be a shower; since we do not have time for anything, we also do not have time for a long relaxing bath. In the shower, we only spend a few minutes. In the shower, we cannot lie down or even sit down. Such possibilities are only given by a bathtub. What to do to make the bath even more enjoyable? If, of course, we find time for it. Bath products: bubbly body wash, bath salt and bath bomb – discover their properties.

Bubble Bath – properties 

We go for bubbly body washes if we decide to take a bath instead of a shower. This product lathers and creates scented bubbles but the substances responsible for its formation can dehydrate the skin, especially when it comes to dry or sensitive type. Therefore, it is best to choose bubble baths that contain ingredients with moisturizing and oiling properties, such as honey, almond oil or oat grain milk.

Two-phase preparations that are composed of two layers have a good effect on the skin. The upper one milk-coloured, contains oils and moisturizing substances, and the lower one ‘colourful’ – washing and lathering agents. This balanced formula prevents skin from drying. The two-phase bath solution should be shaken before use so that both layers are mixed together an used at the same time.

To be more specific: to run a bubble bath, pour the product into a cap and dissolve with a warm or hot water squirt. This way a fragrant foam is formed.

Bath salts – properties

The bath salt has healing and conditioning properties. It cleanses the body of toxins, and when added to the bath – it has a relaxing effect, as well as nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Bath salt works deeply and lastingly, and when used regularly, they accelerate fat burning and cleanse the skin pores.

It should be remembered that in order for a salt bath to have a beneficial effect on our skin, the salt must be properly selected for its type. In addition, taking a bath with salt should be limited to a maximum of 3 weeks, because its prolonged use may dry the skin. Therefore, moisturize the body with a balm or even with an oil after every bath with the use of salt.

Bath bomb – properties

The bath bomb moisturizes and nourishes the skin while bathing, which is why it is the perfect solution for those who struggle with dry skin. The bath bomb has a wonderful, relaxing fragrance and leaves a delicate, fragrant and a protective filter on the skin. In addition, the use of such a product prepares the hands and feet for home manicure and pedicure, because it has the properties responsible for softening the epidermis.

What’s more, one bath bomb is enough for two baths. To prepare a bath, throw one half of the bomb into a bathtub filled with warm water.

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