Cooling bath. The best way for dealing with heatwaves

How to survive when the sun is burning and there’s no place to hide from this scorching heat. Unfortunately, we can’t lower the temperature but, luckily, we have the opportunity to refresh ourselves thanks to a few tricks. One of them is a cooling bath – very pleasant, relieving and super easy to prepare.

Many people don’t consider summer as their favourite season due to extremely high temperatures prevailing outside. We lose energy faster and feel more tired when there is a heatwave attacking us constantly. We sweat quicker so we feel stale almost immediately after leaving home and it’s really hard for us to cool our bodies down. The longer the scorching heat in present, the more ailments might afflict us: swollen feet, irritated and reddened skin, problems with blood pressure, a general malaise.

Learn the best ways for dealing with heatwaves together with some simple tricks which will help you cool down the body in the summer. Take a cooling bath and feel fresh despite this Saharan heat outside.

How to cool yourself down in the summer?

The supporters of air conditioners turn the devises on almost the same moment they sense upcoming heat. Indeed, air-conditioned rooms favour more sufficient work because low temperature isn’t as distracting as the unbearable heatwave. Sadly, air conditioners have their drawbacks. Firstly, they are the main cause of a general malaise, immunity system weakening, common cold and other similar problems with health. Secondly, leaving an air-conditioned room to expose ourselves to heat outside can lead to thermal shock and can result in numerous pretty harmful consequences. Having this in mind, it’s worth coming up with other ways for cooling our bodies down.

Luckily, it appears that there are better methods for dealing with a heatwave:

  1. An effective alternative to air conditioners are fans that use the rush of air to bring relief and cool us down.
  2. Shielding form the sun is also helpful, which is limiting sun rays accessing a room by closing blinders, for example.
  3. Since temperature always drops down at night, it’s worth airing rooms then in order to let some fresh and slightly cooler air get into a room.
  4. We can support our natural thermoregulation of organism by putting a damp (with cold water) towel on our neck, for example.
  5. It’s advised to resign from using blow-dryers and vigorous body towel-drying because both actions contribute to increasing body temperature.
  6. It’s suggested eliminating all possible sources of heat that are around us, which translates into switching off lights and the electronic devices we don’t need to use.

Furthermore, in the summer you shouldn’t forget about keeping your organism well-hydrated! We have to replenish our body with water that we lose when our sweat evaporates form the skin. Naturally, this is how our organism cools itself down but, unfortunately, this is also how it gets dehydrated. As it’s plain to see, drinking water in the summer is vital.

What about a cooling bath?

Quite a great idea for combating heatwaves is taking a cooling bath. There’s no other such pleasant thing as drawing our body in a tube filled with lukewarm water as the final stage of our long, hot and exhausting day. Such bath does work wonders and makes the heatwave less unbearable.

  • It relieves and cools our bodies down.
  • Reduces swellings.
  • Minimizes sunburns.
  • Gifts you with a sweet moment of relaxation.
  • Relaxes all muscles.

The good news is that preparing a cooling bath isn’t difficult at all. Certainly, the most important is the right water temperature. Best if the water you want to bath in is slightly above 10 degrees since it would be pretty hard for us to get into too cold water. Of course, we can add cold water when we realize that the water we are in has got a little bit too warm. Thanks to this we can keep our bathing being refreshing constantly.

The best recipes for cooling baths that you can prepare:

1. Mint cooling bath

Prepare pepper mint infusion by brewing either mint leaves or mint tea. For every 1 litre of fresh water you will need 2-3 fistfuls of dried mint or 2 bags of herbal tea. Keep brewing for a few minutes, strain and add to the lukewarm bathwater you’ve already prepared. Mint cooling bath relaxes, refreshes and delivers positive aromatherapeutic action. Be careful not to wash your face with mint water because it can irritate this sensitive skin of yours.

2. Rosemary cooling bath

In the case of chronical fatigue and lack of energy, rosemary cooling bath seems to be the best option. Prepare lukewarm bathwater. Add a few drops of rosemary oil or a fresh infusion (1 fistful of rosemary for 1 litre of water). Instant refreshing and energy boost guaranteed. Mind you: this type of cooling bath won’t work for pregnant women, people suffering from high blood pressure or epilepsy. Moreover, it’s advised to take rosemary cooling bath in the morning because it might impede falling asleep if taken in the evening.

3. Citric cooling bath

There is nothing more refreshing as citrus fruit. Cooling bath with energizing citrus fruit isn’t hard to prepare. Just add lemon juice to lukewarm water – that’s all. However, if you have more time to spend, you can also grade orange and lemon peel. Before adding it to water, put it into some permeable bag or wrap with gauze so as to prevent the peel particles from sticking to your body. Also, you can enrich your citric cooling bath with adding a dash of natural honey in order to additionally moisturise your skin.

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