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Eyebrow pomade – how to apply it properly? A step-by-step guide

Eyebrow pomade is a younger sister of eyebrow pencil and mascara. With the pomade we can achieve dense, expressive and natural brows. Because such eyebrows look very good on photos, the eyebrow pomade is very popular among the Instagram users. What properties does it have? How to use it step by step and what are the effects?

Eyebrow pomade – properties

Pomades are usually available in a jar with a capacity of up to 5 grams. Its consistency resembles cream eyeshadows, because it is made on the basis of wax.

The product is easy to apply even for beginners, because it can be applied in layers and then the excess can be removed with the use of a comb. Its other advantages include efficiency and durability. A good quality cosmetic (not necessarily expensive) can be used for a few months and during this time it will not dry out. What’s important, the pomade should stay on our eyebrows all day. What is more, the brush with which the formula is applied, is bought once and cleaned once a month.

As mentioned above, the final effect can be different with every application as it depends on the number of layers applied. Because eyebrows done with the pomade are very trendy lately, new techniques of application are constantly being developed. Still, you can create your own way of application that works best with your type of eyebrows.

Eyebrow pomade – effects

Pomade gives a very natural, healthy effect on eyebrows. Although its precise application may take some time, it is worth giving it a try – properly selected colour and its correct application result in natural, thick eyebrows like from a professional make-up studio.

Eyebrow pomade highlight even the thinnest hairs. It is mainly due to its waxy consistency. It is possible to optically enlarge the brows when you apply the product slightly outside their natural contour.

Eyebrow pomade gives your look clarity and depth. Women with dark eyes don’t have to apply both mascara and pomade. Properly applied pomade will look fine even without defined eyes and the eyes will not disappear under the weight of thick eyebrows.

Delicate eyebrow make-up with the use of pomade will emphasize an oval face shape and add photogenic properties to it. In order for our face to look good and complement the whole look, we have to take care of our eyebrows. Nicely emphasized eyebrows and proper face contouring guarantee a good photo.

Eyebrow pomade – a step-by-step guide

  1. Clean the eyebrows with either a cotton pad or bud and then brush them carefully. In order to obtain the effect of brushy brows, apply the product only to the bottom line, the hairs forming the upper arch should be combed upwards.
  2. Take a small amount of pomade on the brush.
  3. Draw the line on the bottom line from the inside to the outside. You can repeat the process depending on the length and thickness of your eyebrows. Make sure that the product is evenly spread over the entire brow.
  4. Now cover the tails of the brows with the formula.
  5. Highlight the upper brow line. To get a natural effect, don’t apply pomade to the beginnings of your eyebrows.
  6. Fill in the space between the upper and bottom brow lines.
  7. Comb your eyebrows and check if the final effect is satisfactory.

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