Hairstyles for a good night’s sleep! How to style the hair to sleep well and have beautiful hair?

Did you know that you can take care of your hair during sleep? And it’s not only about using cosmetics, but also about the hairstyle. It turns out that it is very important how you style it and take care of the strands in the nighttime. So how to style the hair to get a good night sleep and have nice hair in the morning?

Is your hair being damaged at night?

Yes, it can be damaged but it doesn’t have to be. Throughout the night, the hair rubs against the pillow and pyjamas, attach to the slider or buttons of the pillowcases, crumble under your back. Effect? Broken ends, frizziness, dried hands. And it does not matter if the hair is straight or curly, or whether it is long or short. Also, it turns out that it is important whether we blow-dry the hair before bedtime or not, and what hairstyle we do. Does sleeping with a braid, a bun or a ponytail make any sense?

What type of sleeping hairstyle should I choose?

People with short hair have the easiest options. Whilst girls with long and medium hair length have to deal with the issue differently. Certainly, positioning the head in a particular way will no do its justice, because we change our position very often during the night.

The best solution is a loose braid tied on dry, not wet or damp hair. Freshly washed strands are very susceptible to damage and the braided hair could not dry out completely. What’s more, when you unwrap the braid made with wet hair, you will have wavy hair. It is also worth remembering that the braid should be braided very loosely so as not to get a headache.

Instead of a braid, you can also create a bun. Remember, however, not to use rubber bands to tie the end, because you will have a problem with taking it off in the morning. They can deform the strands, weaken hair follicles and lead to hair loss. A band made of soft material, without any metal elements, will work much better.

Hairstyles for sleeping – additional information

  1. Blow-dry your hair before sleeping. Damp and wet strands are more vulnerable to damage, and moisture could lead to the growth of bacteria that are dangerous to the scalp.
  2. When you tie your hair before bedtime, remember to do it gently, using soft-cloth bands.
  3. Do not tear and do not rub your hair with a towel because you can seriously damage it. All you have to do is gently press the towel to the head and strands and squeeze out excess water.

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