How to apply Pin-Up Make-Up?

Pin-Up Make-Up, the one that grew to prominence in the 1940s and ’50s, is now going back to grace again. Indeed, it’s associated with sheer, retro-style dresses and curls arranged in various hairdos. But mostly, Pin-Up Make-Up equals juicy lips and clear eyeliner lines. How to apply Pin-Up Make-Up?

Lipstick & Eyeliner

As it’s been already set, Pin-Up Make-Up mostly requires the precise use of a lipstick and an eyeliner. Thus, it’s worth investing in these colour cosmetics because products of low quality may spoil this effective make-up style.


Foundation used for Pin-Up Make-Up should be rather fair so as not to distract the attention from lips and eyes. Of course, you can still go for bronzer that will help you win the perfect face contour.


Pin-Up Make-Up also equals defined eyebrows, but before you bring them out, it’s advised to shape them appropriately. It’s possible to correct eyebrow shape by removing unnecessary hair. Next, use an eyebrow brush to make the hair a little bit darker than usual. The next stage is to enhance the eyebrow due to a pencil or special eyebrow shades.


As it has been already mentioned, Pin-Up Make-Up should feature as few colours as possible. However, a hint of blusher won’t spoil the effect you want to achieve.


Applying the perfect eyeline is the most difficult stage of doing Pin-Up Make-Up. The optimal solution here would be applying a straight line to the upper eyelid and then stretching it and making it more curved at its end.


Even though the classic Pin-Up Make-Up attracts attention due to red lipstick, it isn’t the only colour that can be worn here. While brunettes can replace a typical red lipstick with wine-like shades or plum-shades, blonde women can experiment with pinks. No matter the lipstick you use, before applying one, always use a lipliner. Clear and well-shaped outline of lips is the core of Pin-Up Make-Up.


Classic Pin-Up Make-Up used to refrain from eyeshadows; the key and sole role of eye make-up was played by eyeliner. However, application of eyeshadows as the base for eyeliner is acceptable. It’s important though to choose eyeshadows of either nude colours or pearl shades, the ones which will highlight eyes. The truth is, you can go for applying eyeshadows of other colours as well. The best will be the ones which are able to enhance eyes and won’t cloud the eyeliner. For example, you can use pinks, pearls and blues.

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