How to get rid of discolorations and regenerate fatigued skin? C-Peel treatment with vitamin C

C-Peel treatment consists in applying peeling, serum of vitamin C properties (to face, neck and cleavage) and a cream. The combination of peeling, serum and cream is a kind of an all-round treatment supporting the fight against skin ageing. Also, it has an additional nourishing, moisturising and highlighting action. How does C-Peel treatment look like and who is it destined for? What are the procedure’s properties and what outcomes should be expected?

What’s C-Peel all about?

The treatment begins with peeling, most frequently cavitation peeling, yet this is not a rule. The next stage is serum application. At the end, skin is treated with a cream or some other similar preparation. The very products, alike peelings, differ in various beauty parlours and the type of treatment. Basically, the cosmetics can have the following forms: creams with hyaluronic acid, oils and vitamin capsules that can boost effects produced by serum.

C-Peel treatment can be undergone as a single-session procedure or, in order to obtain better results, a multi-session procedure. In most cases, C-Peel consists of 4 procedures carried out every 7-10 days.

Who can benefit from C-Peel treatment?

C-Peel treatment is recommended for those who noticed discolorations, rosacea or dull, fatigued and dehydrated skin. Additionally, this treatment serves well the following skin types: sensitive, capillary, normal and mature. Also, skin that has been exposed to the sun for too long can benefit from C-Peel treatment.

C-Peel treatment. Properties & Outcomes

First and foremost, C-Peel treatment lightens skin up due to the vitamin C content. This vitamin is known as strong anti-oxidant, therefore it combats free radicals and protects skin against external aggressors. Apart from vitamin C, the serum features:

  • hyaluronic acid that moisturises skin and reinforces natural skin barrier,
  • mulberry extract that slows down discolorations,
  • palmitic tripeptide that stimulates collagen and elasticin production; also, it regenerates skin matrix,
  • panthenol that delivers soothing and smoothing action.

To sum up, C-Peel treatment delivers the following effects: lightening up of skin, wrinkle and discolouration reduction, skin regeneration, skin protection against external aggressors. The outcomes delivered by C-Peel are immediate, therefore this treatment is categorised to so-called banquet treatments. In general, banquet (or party) treatments are supposed to improve skin looks in a day or two before a scheduled event.

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