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How to Take Care of Hand Skin? Contemporary vs Old Methods

Hand skin is extremely prone to damage. Detergents, external factors and extreme weather conditions are harmful. If you want your hands to look beautiful all the time, you must properly take care of them. Check how it is done and how our grandmas used to do

Warm vs Cold

Minus temperature may seriously damage skin on hands: redness appears, epidermis flakes and breaks, skin is itching and harsh. Use a cooling and warming bath to restore normal skin tone. In this way, you will provide appropriate blood circulation; blood vessels will properly shrink and release again. You can add some camomile infusion to the dish filled with water – it will additionally soothe irritation. Paraffin wax treatment is also an excellent solution (the one offered also in beauty salons). Not only will you provide hand skin with proper condition but also smooth and firm it up. Use products with urea, lactic acid, beta-carotene and grapeseed extract on a daily basis.

Put the gloves on

You should wear gloves when it is snowy and temperature is low. They will protect from damage, irritation and frostbite. Apply moisturising lotion before going outside and after every hand wash. Use moisturising chemist products instead of regular soaps which may disturb natural lipid-water barrier. You can also apply cream rich in vitamins, glycerol and wax in the evening.

Grandma’s hand skin care methods

In order to make your nails lighter and skin – stronger, make use of our grandmas’ simple trick: lemon juice. It has antibacterial properties. Flaxseed, potato-milk or avocado and olive oil masks will deliver smoothness. Castor oil rubbed in hand skin will bring amazing effects as well.

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