Instagram Eyebrows – fashionable, well-groomed and perfect

How to have ideal eyebrows?
Say goodbye to your tweezers!

The queens of Instagram express that eyebrows must be… expressive.

They are supposed to attract attention and give the look individual form.

This trend is called ‘boy brows’ or ‘feathered brows’ – both are characterised by thick, strong, as if ‘feathered’ eyebrows. It turns out that despite such a expressive description, the brows are far from chaos. Those trends are a good way to perfect make-up. Do you want to know how to do it?

Stylized eyebrows – hot or not?

Thick, feathery, brushy eyebrows – until now such terms had a highly pejorative meaning. We used to imagine unruly hairs, which are complete opposites of the former trend (eyebrows as thin as threads).

It turns out that expressive eyebrows can be beautiful. The secret lies in the right make-up and care. Their ‘wildness’ is to be tamed, highlighted with make-up, making us look youthful, natural and neat. How to get the most fashionable Instagram eyebrows?

How to grow and take care of your eyebrows?

It takes some time for eyebrows to regrow and (unfortunately) their condition worsens like any other hairs. In order to speed up this process and help them grow healthy – apply a special eyebrow serum to your hairs. The best conditioners accelerate the growth of hairs in just few weeks. In addition, they strengthen the hair bulbs and improve the condition and appearance of the entire hair shaft. The key is regularity – a good serum should be applied to the entire brow line on a daily basis.

Instagram eyebrow make-up

Would you like to have thick eyebrows even if your own are thin and sparse? It turns out that it is not difficult, provided that you have the right cosmetics and some necessary skills. You will need:

  • a cosmetic with which you can draw tiny hairs (eg. eyebrow pen, dye, pencil or pomade),
  • a cosmetic to fill in the brow (eyebrow shadow, pomade, powder),
  • a cosmetic to shape and tame the hairs (eyebrow mascara),
  • a cosmetic to fix the shape and the final effect (colourless eyebrow wax, spray fixer or traditional grey soap),
  • a nude pencil or (even better!) highlighter, to be applied under the eyebrows.

Instagram eyebrows – step by step

  1. Gently brush your eyebrows with a comb or a brush. Pay attention to the shape of eyebrows. You can fix it with the use of the grey soap to make them keep the shape you want to have.
  2. Use an eyebrow pencil or pomade and delicately draw a contour of your arches. If there are some spots on your brows, fill them in using short, feathery strokes.
  3. Fill the eyebrows with eyebrow powder – if you want to achieve a more natural effect, use the powders in two shades (in a darker and a lighter tone). They should be similar to the colour of your eyebrows and hair and the same tone (cool or warm).
  4. Finally, fix the effect with an eyebrow wax or, if you use a make-up fixer, sprinkle your face with it.

Your Instagram brows are ready!

Make-up don’ts – a few tips at the end

  1. Do not leave any sharp edges around the eyebrows – it looks caricatural and artificial. Brush your eyebrows gently to blur the contours, especially of the upper brow line.
  2. Do not rub or pull your eyebrows, for example during make-up removal. The condition of eyebrows deteriorate so in order to strengthen them, reach for eyebrow serums or try some treatments for the small hairs.
  3. Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much – if you don’t know how to shape them properly, visit a beauty parlour. Then you can just keep the proper shape by plucking the hairs outside the contour. When you are not sure if you should pluck the hair or not, it’s better to leave it to check how it behaves during make-up and whether it is that much ‘unnecessary’.

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