Lips full of sex appeal! How to plump them up?

Enviable, full lips are the most flattering, making us look charming and womanly. It’s little wonder then that there are more and more women reaching for lip-plumping products and procedures. What are the choices? How can we make lips bigger so they look natural? Take a look at the most popular methods.

Lips are extremely delicate and feature a high number of nerve endings. The skin on the lips is very thin and lacks a protective lipid layer. When caring for them daily, we should focus on boosting moisture levels, delivering nutrients and protection.

This, however, doesn’t affect their size. If we’ve got naturally narrow and barely-there lips, applying protective balms and exfoliating the dead cells won’t give impressive results.

What can we do when striving for stunning lip definition? Let’s test one of the most popular ways of plumping up the lips.

Lip plumper, that is a lipstick making lips look bigger

Using a lip plumper is the first and the easiest thing we can do. Its ingredients are composed so as to naturally add volume to lips. Lip plumpers are growing in popularity though they give just a temporary effect. This is their biggest downside. How do lip plumpers work? They are made out of substances that irritate the skin in a controlled way so swelling gives the effect of bigger lips.

Plasma pen lip flip

It’s a less known method which isn’t invasive either. It involves enhancing the shape of lips with ultrasound waves that activate natural process of synthesis of collagen and elastin so lips are firmer. The results come quickly, after just 3-4 treatments lasting up to several minutes. This method makes lips look bigger and very natural.

Lip fillers

Hands down, this way of making lips bigger and plumper is the most popular. Injecting hyaluronic acid, collagen or botox is a top choice because of longer-lasting effect.

Lip filler procedure involves injecting a chosen substance into lips to enhance their shape and give much more volume. The fillers you can try:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • botox (botulinum toxin)
  • natural collagen
  • carboxymethyl cellulose

Lipofilling, that is filling lips with fat

It’s one of the most talked about procedures which involves the use of the patient’s own tissue. In most cases, a patient’s fat is removed during the liposuction and then it’s properly processed. Making lips bigger this way is more difficult than fillers. It’s a plastic surgery, not a lunchtime treatment.

The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes and might additionally have an antiaging effect: before the injection, the extracted fat tissue must be enriched with some substances e.g. stem cells.

No fillers: laser lip therapy

Laser is an alternative to lip fillers. It gives similar results without the need for injections. A low-power picosecond laser is becoming popular. How does it work?

The laser stimulates fibroblasts that produce more collagen. More collagen means firmer and younger skin. The proper laser light enhances absorption of products that rejuvenate lips and make them bigger e.g. stem cells.

Lip augmentation surgery

This procedure is definitely the least popular. Silicone implants are adjusted to the size and shape of the patient’s lips. The procedure is done with local anesthesia since it involves cutting the lip corners and introducing implants under the skin. The implant is lightweight, elastic and really durable – it lasts very long and then is absorbed. Unfortunately surgical lip augmentation is very pricey.

How about you? Which lip-plumping method will you pick?

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