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The only such perfume: MAC Shadescents

mac.jpgMAC Shadescents is perfume inspired by shades of lipsticks by the same manufacturer. Not only it delights with extraordinary, yet simple aromas, but also has energising colours. What is more, geometrical bottles, 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz. each, emphasise the simplicity and elegance.

New perfume by MAC, Shadescents, is six expressive and intriguing colours inspired by iconic lipsticks. You can choose our of following shades: claret, pink, beige, violet, red and brown. All of them were composed based on simple fragrances. However, the result of this work will certainly stun all women.

Ruby Woo, claret perfume has expressive and drawing attention aroma. It will perfectly suit an evening party, but also in brilliant way complement winter aura. The bottle with pink colour holds within Candy Yum-Yum. This is perfume with fresh and energetic fruity scent. One of fruits in the perfume is pink guava, that complements heart notes. Creme D’Nude is gentle fragrance that covers skin with fresh and light aroma. You can recognise it by its beige bottle. On the other hand, violet bottle belongs to My Heroine. There can be sensed curious, yet mysterious aroma of Cordovan leather. Similar to Ruby Woo it will be best for evenings. It is sexy, intense and expressive. This is exactly what can be said about the next fragrance by MAC Shadescents, i.e. Lady Danger. As it is not difficult to figure it out, it is placed in a red bottle. There can be sensed patchouli note. The last fragrance is Velcet Teddy, with brown, a bit dusky pink and orange bottle. Its aroma is pleasing, sweet and a bit oriental.

New collection, MAC Shadescents will hit stores on February 2017. Go ahead and check, maybe these perfumes are already in your favourite shop. Choose your favourite colour or such that in 100% will complement your character. Have fun!

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