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These beauty flops age you! Find out whether you keep doing them unconsciously

There are some beauty mistakes that we keep committing intentionally, mostly because some of us are pretty lazy creatures. These little sins of ours include, for example, incompletely removed makeup or skipping application of eye/face cream. “It won’t harm if I do it only once” – we tend to repeat. That’s actually true, nothing wrong will happen if we remove makeup in a slapdash way once in a blue moon. However, there are some mistakes that we make unconsciously. What are they? Go on reading to find out whether you make them too.



Against all appearances not only what we apply to our face matters but also when we do it and the order in which we put on a particular cosmetic. The most common mistake that might encourage our skin to get lazy or overburden it is overuse of face serum. Indeed, some producers recommend frequent use of face serum, to reach for it every day, even twice a day (morning and evening). It turns out that skin might be tired of being overprotected. Therefore, if you want to help skin look young and keep it in good condition, use face serum 2-3 times a week. Another beauty mistake is application of face cream right after cleansing skin with a micellar lotion and skipping wiping face skin with a toner. It must be realised that skin toning is one of the most essential beauty treatments that we should carry out. It’s no other product but toner that makes skin ready for either face cream or serum, it boosts skin absorption rate and balances pH.


A foundation, or to be more precise – its shade, chosen in artificial light in a drugstore – might appear to be unsuitable for us when we look at our face in a daylight. If it’s just one tone that the foundation is brighter or lighter, this can be fixed using a lightening powder or bronzer. However, if the contrast between your face and neck is stronger, then there isn’t much that might fix that.

There are also girls who have the tendency to reach for darker foundation intentionally. In their view, such trick will help their face look tanned and more attractive. Unfortunately, two or three tones darker foundation stands out, and when applied unevenly, it looks really bad. Too light foundation in turn makes your face look fatigued and anemic, whereas darker foundation simply ages.


Too dark tan is yet another mistake that we tend we make, which appears to be one of major beauty flops. Indeed, suntan looks good but only in the summer season, especially when our skin is just kissed by the sun, not burned with it. Sadly, dark suntan doesn’t gift us with charm. What it actually does is age us. Most often then not skin exposed to solatium or treated with self tanning cream doesn’t look good, basically its shade looks unhealthy and unnatural. Also, by doing so, it’s easy to get discolourations and stains. UV radiation emitted by solar lamps can cause wrinkles, without mentioning various skin ailments and even cancer. Moreover, too dark tan doesn’t match winter scenery. Therefore, don’t try to be hellbent on getting your skin tanned and refrain from showing off your dark skin unless you have just returned from an exotic trip.


It isn’t only about freeing skin from colour cosmetics but also from sebum, toxins and other impurities. If the removal is insufficient, skin pores are constantly clogged and in general skin doesn’t absorb active substances delivered with cosmetics in a way we expect it to do. Clogged skin pores, blackheads, acne and continuously shiny face – this may be the aftermath of the improper care practices connected with insufficient skin cleansing. Another sin that is linked with this issue is skipping or completely forgetting about applying facial scrubs. Naturally, this product doesn’t have to be used frequently since weekly application should do the work. The most gentle face scrubs don’t require being rubbed into skin – they need to be applied the same way you apply a facial mask. Face scrub allows to clean skin more precisely than regular face washes, it unclogs outlets of sebaceous glands. Thanks to this beauty product, skin will be freed from dead epidermal cells and start breathing freely. Moreover, face skin will age slower and boost its absorption rate. In short, the better cleansed skin is, the better it regenerates itself.


Even if we take care of our face the best way we can, there are still two other body parts that reveal our age: hand and cleavage. It happens that even very young people look older because their hands are wrinkled and dehydrated, and cleavage – due to the lack of proper care – becomes dull and flabby. If you don’t want the very body parts to reveal your age, keep nourishing them regularly. You can do it by patting face creams into your cleavage, and when applying face scrub, put it also on your hands. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a separate product to treat your hands with since a regular face scrub will serve both purposes equally well.


Undoubtedly, heavy makeup might look beautiful and be really effective providing that it’s suitable for the occasion and is done skilfully. Dark shades are deceptive – they reveal our age and often don’t look appealing in daylight. Therefore, if you wish to look younger due to makeup, then firstly, master the art of applying concealer and secondly, get along with a highlighter that knows how to add healthy radiance to your facial skin. If you like wearing heavy makeup, focus on how to enhance just some elements of the entire makeup. To clarify, one day wear clearly defined lips, the other day try to apply a thick line of eyeliner.


If you belong to the group of women who say that they keep using one face cream for a few years, you should know that this practice might be very disastrous in consequences for skin. It’s a good thing to realize that with age our skin needs changes and the processes that take place on its surface also undergo changes. To clarify, skin needs various nourishing substances and with passing time it becomes more demanding. For that reason, the cream you’ve been using for a few years, might not be sufficient now. To sum up, always pay attention to your skin needs and adjust your beauty rituals to what it craves for. Don’t persist on applying a face cream that served you right when you were 20 or 25.

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