What to do if you can’t wash your hands? Use a hand sanitizer – what is it, what are its properties and which one to choose?

Have you ever been in a situation when you couldn’t wash your hands? You’re at work and you feel like having an apple, but to wash your hands, you have to go two floors up? A friend treats you with a cookie in the car? You just pet the dog and there’s no water at home? These are just a few times when you have to wash your hands, but you do not want to or you cannot use running water and soap. Then, an antibacterial gel for hand washing is very useful. Do you want to know what are the properties or a hand sanitizer and which one to choose?

Hand sanitizer – what is it?

Hand sanitizer is a product based on alcohol that is responsible for removing most bacteria from our hands. It has a light consistency thanks to which the gel is easily distributed. Usually, it comes in a compact packaging and sometimes, it’s equipped with a dispenser that facilitates the use on the go.

Moreover, a hand sanitizer is a good alternative for washing the hands in situations when it’s impossible to use tap water, for instance:

  • on trips to the woods,
  • on a bike tour,
  • on a journey,
  • when in contact with animals,
  • before preparing or eating meals,
  • before contact with children,
  • during water supply failure.

Hand sanitizer – properties 

The antibacterial gel for hand washing has disinfecting properties and does not require the use of water. It dries quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling of refreshing. Hand washing gel owes a strong antibacterial effect to high alcohol content. In turn, thanks to glycerin, the preparation does not dry the delicate skin of the hand, and the epidermis is soft and elastic. Many hand sanitizers contain an extract of aloe, which has soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. The product also contains numerous components of the fragrance composition.

What type of a hand sanitizer to go for? As it turns out – they are not equal

Remember that there are better and worse hand sanitizers. Before we make a choice, we should read the composition and avoid substances such as:

  • benzophenone-1, which is one of the chemical UV filters that contribute to hormonal changes,
  • triclosan, which causes allergic reactions and hormonal disorders as well as increases the risk of cancer.

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