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What to Do so as to Make Your Hair Dry Faster?

Cosmetics, specialized equipment, or maybe the mysterious techniques applied by hairdressers? If you are lack of ideas what to do in order to shorten the time your hair needs to become dry after washing, keep reading this article since it’ll help you to find the answer. Learn all the factors which influence the speed of your hair drying.

Humidity, Wind, Temperature and Humectants

Hair gets dry faster when it’s in a dry environment. If the humidity is low, and if you haven’t used the right dosage of humectants and emollients, then your hair will dry quicker. However, this can lead to damages, split ends and frizz. As it’s not hard to guess, hair gets dry way faster when exposed to wind and higher temperature. These two factors work a blow-dryer alike.

Hair Porosity

If you have thick and dense hair, probably it takes ages for it to become dry after washing. The longest it takes for the strands located near neck, at the roots and behind the ears to become dry. Low porosity hair, that hasn’t underwent moisturising therapy, will get dry longer than hair of medium porosity. Therefore, if you want you low porosity to dry faster, apply a smoothing conditioner once you shampooed it. It’s also obvious that healthy and well-groomed hair dries faster than damaged and weakened one.

Cosmetics and Towels

The better you squeeze your hair after washing, the faster it’ll take for the strands to become dry. The best for this procedure is a terry towel, a microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt. What’s interesting, the time of drying is also determined by the moment of applying styling cosmetics. Thanks to using such a product, we smooth hair cuticles and lock the water inside the strands.

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