Which herbal water to choose? Types and properties of hydrolates

Herbal waters, also known as herbal distillates or floral waters, are obtained as by-product of essential oil production. Herbal waters soothe skin and contribute to curing mild forms of exanthema.  If applied daily, they can be successfully used as face tonic or face mist. Before you decide which floral water to choose, learn its kinds and properties they display.

Types and properties of herbal waters

Lavender water

is suitable for all skin types. It delivers antiseptic, soothing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Also, it stimulates skin regeneration, reduces swelling and displays skin tightening properties. Moreover, it nourishes skin which, as a consequence, wins healthy tone and becomes supplied with blood better. It strengthens hair bulbs prevents hair loss and protects against damages. Lavender herbal water can be used as a soothing lotion after sunbathing, hair removal or shaving.

Rose water

it can be used by people whose skin is problematic, so that is oily, acne, mature, sensitive, capillary and dry. Rose herbal water moisturises delicately and makes skin more tight. Reportedly, skin treated with rose herbal water becomes more supple and smooth. Another important feature of this floral water to mention, it additionally accelerates wound and scorch healing processes. Furthermore, it reinforces blood vessels and reduces redness. It can be applied directly to skin like a face tonic, body mist or used as an add-in to constitute various cosmetics such as creams, feminine wash, hair masks and shampoos.

Linden blossom water

it can be used for conditioning sensitive, atopic, allergy, capillary and dry skin. It soothes irritations, prevents inflammations and reduces skin redness. Moreover, it can be applied to skin that has been exposed to the sun as well as after hair removal and shaving. It reduces swelling and accelerates wound and other skin lesions healing. Finally, it relieves prickling and itchiness of skin.

Witch-hazel water

is recommended for acne, oily, mature, irritated, reddened or capillary skin type. This herbal water displays strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Also, it makes skin more tight and deals with bacteria. Additionally, witch-hazel herbal water reduces redness and contracts capillaries. Last but not least, it reduces irritations, accelerates skin self-regenerating processes and balances sebum secretion.

Other available types of herbal waters are:

  • straw flower water that reduces visibility of stretch marks,
  • chamomile water that reduces psoriasis and skin roughness,
  • orange blossom water that slows down collagen decay,
  • pepper mint water that combats dandruff.

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