Discover Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips – A Recycled Hairdressing Gadget!

highlighting foam strips

Discover Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips – A Recycled Hairdressing Gadget!
Do you live in a world of hairdressing gadgets, but you’re not sure which ones to introduce to your salon? Go for hair strips for multi-tonal coloring! Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts is a revolution in the world of hairdressing. The strips cut coloring time by up to half, so you can take on more customers in a day. Check out what they can do!

Fast and precise coloring

Multi-tonal hair coloring is not an easy task. It’s time-consuming and requires quite a bit of skill. Now you can make this tiresome task easier and cut it in half with ColorCuts strips.

Say goodbye to impractical aluminum foil and try out the latest hairdressing trend – Highlighting Foam Strips. They are pre-cut, light and of the highest quality. They are glue-free but get a grip in contact with coloring products and don’t slip off the hair. They deliver color mastery and prestige to your hair salon.

Innovative and eco-friendly ColorCuts strips

ColorCuts strips are made from recycled materials. It’s a real treat for fans of natural products in tune with the zero-waste concept. The light and biodegradable foam strips can save you money. The box contains 200 strips which can be washed up to 3 times. That’s up to 800 uses! These reusable foam strips of the highest quality are the perfect support for the multi-tonal hair coloring procedure.

Remember how it feels to cut the aluminum foil strips on your own, struggling with the tangled roll and worrying about it slipping off the hair? Forget about it! ColorCuts strips don’t rustle, are pre-cut and ready to use. They deliver the ultimate convenience, allowing you to color even very long hair. They come in a handy feeder so you can take out each strip and apply it just like with aluminium foil strips. However, there are a few basic differences between the two:

  • no need to wrap and fold the edges of the strip, because it clings to the hair and doesn’t slip,
  • you can apply the strip precisely to the scalp,
  • Color Cuts foam strips maintain the heat and reduce coloring time by up to half!

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips ensure your coloring doesn’t take forever and you can take on more customers. The foam strips come in different colors, so you can distinguish different tones of coloring products. These light, beautiful and eye-catching accessories make your client feel special in your salon. It’s much more enjoyable to have pleasant foam strips on your hair than rustling aluminum.

ColorCuts strips are a must-have in every hair salon as they help inexperienced hairstylists who are just starting. They are flexible and smooth and enable the accurate application of coloring products section by section. For the more skilled, the gadget is a facilitator during at-home coloring. The strips provide full control over the treatment!

Professional accessories allow you to stand out from the competition. It is a great comfort and care for the environment that’s also pleasing to the eye. Faster and more accurate coloring is pure pleasure. Make your salon a crowd-pleaser and save time! Learn more about the product: