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5 Hair Care Mistakes That You May Be Unconsciously Making

Contrary to appearances, hair is fragile. It needs care that is both mild and on-point. There are lots of mistakes you make and don’t even realize it. In the long run, these mistakes leave your hair damaged.

The choice of the right hair care products is important. Hair adores diversity and pays you back with beauty if you gift it with lots of different nutrients. The way you upkeep and treat your hair matters, too. Be like a gentle babysitter. Read on and see the most popular mistakes that a caring guardian never makes.

1. Sleeping with wet hair

Wet hair is very fragile so it gets damaged when you go to sleep without the blow-dry routine. Being lazy is the most common reason. In the morning you wake up with a storm of tangles on your head. If you must wash your hair in the evening, do it early enough to let the strands air dry or use a cool airflow of the dryer.

2. Alcohol-infused products

A lot has been said about the harmfulness of alcohols yet not all types are that bad. Alcohols make nutrients penetrate hair faster. At the same time, they lead to hair dryness. Alcohol-infused cosmetics are popular and it’s hard to find products with all-natural ingredients. Still, looking for natural ones pays off. This mistake may cost you e.g. split ends.

3. Wrongly used oils

Hair oiling is a game-changing, at-home hair nourishing, reinforcing and repairing treatment. One thing to be remembered is: not all hair oils work in the same way. The most common mistakes while applying hair oils include using too much of an oil, using an oil which isn’t right for the needs of your hair, using any oil or the most popular one, applying oils to dirty hair, using essential oils, etc.

4. Sleeping with loose hair

Especially when your hair is long. Make a braid or a bun before going to sleep. It’s a way to avoid tangles and breakage at night. At the same time, you get a nice texture if you’re into waves.

5. Rinsing hair with hot water

I know we like this nice feeling when warm water runs down the skin. Too bad our hairdos don’t like it. Warm water is a great choice at the beginning to open cuticle scales so the hair can absorb nutrients e.g. of a mask or conditioner. For rinsing the products out, you need cool water to close the scales. Otherwise, strands will be coarse, dull, brittle and frizzy.

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