Eye cream – Does It Really Work?


Eye cream – Does It Really Work?

Wondering if eye creams really work? Let’s start with the fact that the skin below the eyes is quite different from the rest of the face. It is much thinner, more sensitive, and ages faster. There are virtually no sebaceous glands in this area. Find out why you should use eye creams 🙂

Why should you use eye cream?

Eye cream perfectly solves the problems of the delicate skin around the eye area. It reduces puffiness, and signs of fatigue, and has anti-aging properties that slow down skin aging. Good eye creams can instantly nourish and moisturize the skin in this area. If you are struggling with unsightly “bags” under your eyes, or the skin in this area is darker and more saggy, it is essential to introduce an eye cream into your daily skin care routine.

Eye cream or regular face cream?

Eye creams usually have a lighter formula than face creams. They are absorbed faster not to overburden the delicate skin in this area. They are tailored to the special needs of the skin below the eyes. They are also subject to stricter microbiological purity criteria than face creams. They often contain powerful active ingredients. Most eye creams are ophthalmologically tested, but unfortunately, this is not a formal requirement imposed on beauty brands.

What kind of eye cream to choose?

Here are some common features every good eye cream should have:

  1. Free of fragrances, synthetic dyes, and strong preservatives.
  2. A lightweight and fast-absorbing texture.
  3. Formula with moisturizing ingredients, e.g. hyaluronic acid, snail mucus, glycerin, and aloe vera.
  4. Active ingredients in the formula, e.g. caffeine, vitamin C, collagen, elastin, and ceramides.
  5. Plant-based ingredients in the composition, e.g. horse chestnut, green tea, echinacea, or arnica.

When to start using an eye cream?

There is no single rule in this matter. Each skin has its individual needs. As a prevention, it is recommended to include an eye cream in your skin care after the age of 20, when natural aging processes begin to occur in the skin. If you are struggling with puffiness or first wrinkles around the eye area, do not hesitate and reach for a good eye cream.

How to apply eye cream?

Eye cream should also be applied to the upper eyelids. The golden rule for applying eye cream is to pat it in instead of rubbing it in. Using only your fingertips, apply a small amount of the cream to several points, making small dots. Start patting the cream from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Do not skip the eyelids and be careful not to let the cosmetic get into the eyes.

Did you know that…

It is best to pat the eye cream using the ring finger as it applies less pressure compared to other fingers.