Ouai, Heat Protection Spray

Size: 126 g

Here’s another fairly popular and highly-rated (mainly by bloggers) lightweight thermal spray. Being available in a deodorant-like form, this hair mist leaves you with glossy, stronger and—most of all—protected strands. Ouai Heat Protection Spray seems to be just the ticket for those with extremely delicate and fine hair. Even though some users complain about the price and small size, this thermal spray is proven to shield the hair even from extremely high temperatures. It ensures shiny, healthy-looking hair that is resistant to heat damage regardless of the hot tool used. As for the formula, the Ouai product contains precious thermal polymers that divert heat and help color stay true for longer. And the best bit is that you can enjoy these effects without compromising a single bit of the hair volume.

Heat protectant spray from Ouai – effects

  • Provides protection from high temperatures.
  • Doesn’t deprive hair of volume.
  • Leaves you with smoother and shinier strands.
  • Intensifies hair color and prevents it from fading.

Ouai heat protectant spray – application

First, shake the bottle well—that’s super important. Keeping the can in 8-10 inches (20-30 cm) distance from the head, start spraying the hair with Ouai Heat Protection Spray. Be sure that you cover the strands with the product evenly, from the roots to the ends. Finally, comb through and proceed with heat styling.