After shave irritations? Check what you do wrong

If your skin features small spots and irritations after shaving then probably it’s high time for you to work out a new technique of removing hair form your body. Find out what you do wrong to enjoy smooth and beautiful skin.

Right water temperature

Warm water opens skin pores and softens skin which translates into considerably easier shaving. On the other hand, if water temperature is too high, it can dehydrate skin, especially when you’re planning to remove unwanted hair with the aid of a razor. Also remember to pour cool water to the legs once you finish with shaving. Thanks to this technique, you will help your skin pores to close and irritations will be soothed.

What before shaving?

Obviously, it’s important to get your skin ready for the upcoming beauty procedure. Apply a body scrub that will remove dead epidermis cells, smooth the skin surface destined for shaving, boost blood circulation and help get this in-grown hair out. Furthermore, smooth skin facilitates smooth gliding a razor along the legs. Of course, the trouble free razor glide is facilitated by applying a good shave cream first. Surprisingly, you don’t have to buy the top-shelf mousse since a regular shower gel will serve the purpose as well.

High quality razor

Refrain from using blunt blades since the hair won’t be removed at all. If you like using disposable razors, try to change them at least once a week. Of course, disinfect the blades before and after every use. Thanks to this you will avoid skin infections and irritations.

Skin tightening and razor pressure

Remember to stretch your skin tight and press a razor appropriately to your body while removing hair. If you follow these pieces of advice, you will avoid in-grown hair, irritations and skin cuts. Mind you, don’t press the razor too hard because you can harm yourself. Repeat steady motions and keep removing resistant hair a few times.

What should be done when irritations occur?

It goes without saying that you have to relieve the after-shave irritation as fast as it is possible. Luckily, there are many ways for soothing reddened skin, get rid of spots and in-grown hair as well as accelerate wound healing processes. For example, you can use an ointment with hydrocortisone, aloe extract, special after-shave oils or products delivering moisturising and soothing action.

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