Home remedies that deal with moles

Many of us complain about having moles blemishing the skin. Of course, beauty spots can be removed surgically, however, this procedure must be based on and justified by appropriate medical examination. At the same time, there are some home ways for dealing with moles, and these are cheap and safe, yet sometimes they are time-consuming.

What are moles?

Moles are melanocytic naevus, and in plain English, these are either brown or black spots appearing on skin. Moles are the consequence of melanocyte accumulation, which are the cells responsible for producing pigment called melanin. Some of moles accompany us since our birth, whereas other appear with age. In general, moles can be flat or salient, smooth or rough. The main causes of moles are:

  • hormonal changes,
  • exposure to sun,
  • genetic factors.

Home remedies for dealing with moles: garlic

Surprisingly, garlic is a source of enzymes that are able to break cells producing the pigment.
You’ll need:

  • clove garlic,
  • gauze,
  • an adhesive tape.
    Before the procedure, disinfect skin using a product containing alcohol, then distribute a small amount of almond oil/petroleum jelly in order to protect skin surrounding the mole. Mash a clove of garlic and put this pulp directly on the mole. Coat the mole with gauze and secure it with an adhesive tape. Leave the garlic overnight. Repeat the procedure every day for a week. After more or less 7 days the mole is expected to fall off on its own.

Home remedies for dealing with moles: banana peel

Banana peel removes moles and moisturises skin.
Cut out a piece of banana peel and place it on the mole (the inner side of the peel should be in contact with the mole). Repeat the procedure every day, always at bedtime. Don’t rinse in the morning.

Home remedies for dealing with moles: pineapple juice

Pineapple juice reduces the intensity of mole’s pigmentation, therefore it makes a mole gradually disappear.
Apply pineapple juice directly to the mole using a cotton pad and leave until it dries out. To obtain the best result, use fresh juice obtained from natural products since it contains bigger concentration of citric acid. Pineapple juice can be replaced with green apple, lemon or grapefruit.

Home remedies for dealing with moles: castor oil

Castor oil removes moles and other similar skin lesions, yet the effects are rather slow to be produced. It takes even a few weeks to notice the looked-for outcomes.
You’ll need:

  • a tablespoon of castor oil (10 ml),
  • aspirin pills or a tablespoon of baked soda (10 g).
    Mix the ingredients and apply your homemade cosmetic to the mole. Leave it there overnight and rinse off in the morning. Follow this procedure regularly for a month.

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