How to Enhance the Lips? Aesthetic Medicine & Surgical Lip Procedures

If you don’t like the size or shape of your lips, you can correct it with suited cosmetics. If you bargain for permanent results, a plastic surgeon or aesthetic medicine doctor’s assistance is a good choice. Discover aesthetic and surgical procedures that will enhance your lips.

Fat transfer lip injection

is the most natural way to make lips bigger. The method involves taking fat tissue from the belly or other body part and injecting it into lips. A plastic surgeon introduces a special, flexible needle and takes it out very slowly to inject the proper doses of the fat. Fat injections are done with the general anaesthesia.

Goretex implants

provide a permanent lip augmentation. Goretex implants are designed in a way to keep a recipient from rejecting them. The Goretex implant is a thick thread or small pieces of fabric that can be cut in any shape. The thread is pulled under the skin whereas the fabric is cut into the lip shape and slipped under the skin. The procedure is carried out with the general or topical anaesthesia.

Artecoll Lip Injections

Artecoll is a mixture of collagen and microscopic molecules of plexiglass that’s injected under the skin. The effect lasts for around a year. The treatment is performed with the topical anaesthesia.

Aquamid Lip Injections

Aquamid is composed of water (97.5%) and hydro gel (2.5%). The gel turns the water into a jelly which doesn’t get absorbed or dislocated. Aquamid is available in form of single-use syringes. It is injected under the skin with a thin needle. The surgeon performs the procedure with the topical anaesthesia.

Surgical procedures

Surgical procedures are meant for permanent lip augmentation or correction of the shape of lips. It usually involves cutting the line between lips and skin, removing a thin strip of the skin, slightly pulling the end of the lip and sewing it up. A small scar stays on the edge of the lips which needs camouflaging with a lip liner or permanent make-up.

Other procedures aim at lifting the middle of the upper lip through cutting and removing a strip of the skin at the nose base. You may as well make your lips smaller. For this purpose, a strip of the lip mucosa inside the mouth is incised.

The procedures are carried out with general, topical or intravenous anaesthesia.

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