Types of translucent powders. How to choose the best one?

Face powder is, right after a foundation, one of the most essential make-up products. Today, women place heavy demands on this colour cosmetic: it has to add velvet matt to face and be invisible – that are the prime tasks to fulfil. Apart from that, a face powder must delicately disperse light and create the effect of flawless skin. Equally important is the fact that powder has to condition skin, too. Why translucent powders are gaining increasing popularity nowadays? How are they manufactured and why are they so exceptional? How to choose the right translucent powder? Here is the most important information concerning translucent powders.

Translucent powder. What’s that?

Translucent powder is transparent dust which contains shine-control particles that melt into skin flawlessly and play in tune with every complexion colour. It constitutes a perfect make-up finish because when applied to skin, it becomes invisible (translucent). An indisputable advantage of translucent powders in their composition made from natural substances only. It doesn’t contain any artificial, chemical, comedogenic substances or harmful aluminium salts. Moreover, translucent powders protect skin against environmental aggressors and supply skin with an array of nutrients. What are the most popular types of translucent powders?

Types of translucent powders

Mineral powder – is the highest quality powder of all. It’s made of minerals of the best quality obtained in the process of weathering. Mineral powder belongs to a large group of mineral cosmetics which primal purpose is to condition extremely sensitive or atopic skin. Minerals that such product contain perfectly revitalise skin as well as support wound healing processes along with self-regeneration processes. Moreover, mineral powder can have either a delicate shade matching complexion colour or be translucent (suitable for all complexions shades). To sum up, mineral, translucent powder is a kind of the best loose powder available. Indeed, it’s rather expensive but incredibly efficient at the same time. It provides skin with delicate, velvet matte finish and doesn’t trigger any irritations.

Rice powder – it contains neither talc nor parabens, it’s hypoallergic and doesn’t clog skin pores. Its base ingredient is rice flour. Since it’s recognized as one of the best skin mattifying translucent powders, it’s recommended mostly for those who have oily, combination and acne skin. Furthermore, rice powder relieves inflammations and absorbs excess of sebum. It can be applied both prior (as a conditioning and mattifying base) or after putting on a foundation.

Bamboo powder – is obtained from an extract deriving from the very core of bamboo shafts. It’s a delicate, white dust which features mattifying properties, yet in a little bit lower concentration than rice powder. What’s interesting, it can be applied even to slightly dehydrated skin. It’s perfect for mature skin type because it smooths skin and disperses light, at the same time, camouflaging fine lines and blemishes. Additionally, bamboo powder is antiseptic, doesn’t clog skin pores and enables skin to breathe freely because it doesn’t create this ugly mask some cosmetics do. If applied regularly, skin should gain radiance and become stronger.

Banana powder – it has a slightly yellowish shade when in packaging. However, when applied to skin, it turns invisible and melts flawlessly into complexion. Moreover, it highlights and warms up skin colour so this type of translucent powered is especially valued by women who have olive complexion. It’s found perfect for capillary skin because this subtle yellowish shade camouflages all possible skin redness, including red spider veins typical for this skin type. Also, banana powder is suitable for extremely dehydrated skin because it maintains hydration. It’s also worth mentioning that this type of a translucent powder is a good choice for summer because it enhances suntan and reduces redness that is caused by too long skin exposure to the sun. Finally, it has a pleasant banana fragrance and doesn’t clog skin pores.

Translucent powder. Which one to choose?

Obviously, a translucent powder has to match type and needs of skin. The most important issue here is to check the list of ingredients a particular translucent powder is made from and choose the product that doesn’t feature synthetic substances. The best ones are pure, 100% natural translucent powders.

Translucent powder. How to apply it?

Every translucent powder has to be applied with the aid of a big, thick brush. Instead of skimming over the face, a translucent powder should be stamped into skin. Thanks to this, the cosmetic will melt into complexion. Also, it will be precisely and evenly distributed. Moreover, this type of application prolongs the product’s wear and effect of velvet complexion. Last but not least, the best brush for applying a translucent powder is the one characterized by a short shaft, so-called, kabuki brush.

Translucent powder. Opinions

Translucent powders enjoy growing popularity and collects truly positive opinions. They are recommended not only by bloggers and vloggers but also by experienced make-up artists.

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