4 Mild Treatments for Deep Face Cleansing Using Products from the Kitchen

Oil, rolled oats, parsley, honey. This isn’t a shopping list for the Sunday dinner but a brilliant recipe for a flawless face. Would you like to give it a shot? Test 4 superb face treatments that give better cleansing than many pricey products, and they do it gently.


You can do it easily and boast perfectly moisturized, soft and smooth skin. Use olive oil, sunflower oil or antiaging argan oil. Mix a chosen oil with castor oil.

Pour a chosen oil or blend of oils into a bowl and soak a cotton pad in it. Gently press it to the skin. This method dissolves make-up , including waterproof formulas. Dab the pad on the entire face, take your time. Replace the pads until they’re clean. Finally, get a muslin cloth, soak it in warm water and put it on the face. Take it off removing the greasy residue. Use a toner to balance pH. Apply a moisturizer.

This treatment is best for dry, sensitive, sagging skins.


This exfoliant perfectly removes all dead cells, clears skin pores and leaves complexion smooth, fresh and, above all else, fully clean.

Mix a spoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive oil (argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil work well too) and ⅓ cup of rolled oats. Dampen the face with warm water to soften the epidermis and open skin pores. Now, apply the mixture on the face and rub it in for a few minutes using circular motions. Leave it on for around 10 minutes. Rinse using warm water. Do the treatment every other week to keep the face smooth and plump.

This natural exfoliation is best for sensitive and allergy-prone skins but works great for any skin.


Perfect enhancer for under-eye skin. This is a brilliant toner which calms skin after removing makeup and primes it for serum or moisturizer. Additionally, it can cleanse the skin and slightly brighten dark circles, plus it holds a huge amount of vitamin C – parsley is higher in vitamin C than lemon or currants!

How to make a parsley face toner? Wash a handful of parsley well, pour it with a cup of boiling water. Let it infuse for around two hours. Once it cools down, drain it and pour the water into a dark, glass bottle. Keep it in the fridge for 3 or 4 weeks. Use in the AM and PM. Cool parsley water brilliantly conditions and nourishes skin, lessens dark circles and puffiness, and delivers essential vitamins and minerals found in parsley.

Parsley infusion isn’t great just for enhancing the eye skin because you can use it all over the face, particularly if your skin is prone to redness and irritations.

This treatment is best for sensitive skin because parsley soothes irritations.


Face steaming is a brilliant way to open the pores and clear the skin. Many women do it before exfoliation or masks to make products penetrate the dermis giving better results.

How to do face steaming? Infuse a handful of chamomile in a bowl. Bend over the steam, put a towel on the head and shoulders to “trap” the steam. Stay like that for a few minutes, then use a toner and a scrub or favorite face mask.

This treatment is best for congested, acne skin because it deeply cleans the pores and makes other products work better.

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