Banana, rice and bamboo powder: which one to choose and what are their properties?

For most girls, a powder is one of the basic cosmetics. Some women like to set their makeup with a powder and apply it to mattify the T-zone, others use it for contouring, and others replace their foundation with it. Here is an alternative to pressed and mineral powders: banana, rice and bamboo powder – which one to choose and what properties do they offer? Let’s have a closer look!

Which powder to choose? Banana powder – properties 

Banana powder owes its name to a bright yellow colour. It is a semi-transparent powder and should be used by women with a dark or olive complexion. Banana powder effectively fixes makeup and gives it a matte finish. Its light formula makes it the ideal powder for the summer, which additionally enhances the tan. Nevertheless, imperfections such as dark circles and redness of the capillary skin are well covered. It is loose, so it is best to apply it with a thick, soft brush.

Which powder to choose? Rice powder – properties 

Rice powder is extracted from rice grown in Southeast Asia. It is a transparent powder, available in a loose and pressed form. Rice powder can be used to fix the makeup, smooth out and mattify the complexion. Thanks to its light formula, it can be used at any time of the year. Rice powder blends into the skin and evens out its colour, which gives it a refreshed look. Also, it perfectly conceals imperfections.

Which powder to choose? Bamboo powder – properties 

Bamboo powder resembles rice powder in many ways: they have a similar colour and two versions to choose from – loose and pressed. It is obtained from a special variety of bamboo tree, which owes its soothing and healing properties. Bamboo powder is a perfect solution for women with oily and combination skin, because it effectively absorbs excess sebum. At the same time it does not dry out the skin, that’s why ladies with dry skin can also reach for it. What’s more, it will be a great solution for the summertime.

Banana, rice and bamboo powders – are they worth trying out?

All these types of powders are natural and safe for the skin, so they can be used even by women with skin prone to irritation. Banana, rice and bamboo powders were created for women who are struggling with imperfections of oily and combination skin. In addition, all these types of powders will prevent the face from shining for several hours.

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