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Beautiful and healthy hair? Meet best hair care and styling methods

There are such hair care methods you had no idea about. Most of these include things you keep in the fridge or just have at hand. The effects will exceed your wildest expectations. Check it out!

The incredible beer power

Can you believe it that beer has a beneficial impact on hair and scalp? You do not even have to drink it (all beer fans must have felt disappointed at this very moment). If on regular basis you will rinse hair with this golden liquid, your hair will gain the most beautiful shine. Just pour the beer on hair and scalp, then rinse it with cold water. If you dislike the smell of beer (the beer fans must have yet again been sad), apply to the strands your favourite conditioner or mist.

Cold curls

No curler, straightener or thermal curls needed for curls and waves. You just need some bobby pins, tie and a bit of time. Divide hair into small parts and each of them wrap around its own axis; the end, protect with a bobby pin. Another thing to try is to make some braids or a bun. The curl will depend on how tight is the braid, a bun or the strands. Finished hair style, preserve with a hair spray.

Ponytail on thin hair

It is not that simple to create a ponytail on hair lacking volume. Luckily, there are some really easy methods so that your hairstyle would never look flat. The trick is to tease the hair on the top of the head and fix it with hair spray. Although, you must remember to avoid a few years back kind of effect. The second and much simpler technique for a ponytail is to tie it as closest to the top of the head as possible. You can cover the tie with one strand which will later be tucked with a bobby pin. Another method for voluminous hair is to take a big strand of hair in the middle of the head, right above the forehead. Tease the hair a little and tuck it at the top of the head. The rest of hair tie into the ponytail.

Bobby pins always in place

If your bobby pins tend to slip of hair and do not hold the strands in place, just use some hairspray on them. Once they are dry, tuck the bobby pins and style hair. Choose various colours of bobby pins, decorated with gems, or create geometrical figures with them.

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