Body lotions – types and purpose

Every woman has at least one in her bathroom. Thanks to it, our skin is perfectly taken care of and always beautiful. Of course, I’m talking about a body lotion. You are probably using it as well! Did you know that there are many types of this product in beauty stores?

Moisturising body lotion

This is probably the most classic version of the body lotion. Balms with moisturizing properties are women’s favourite cosmetics, which are perfect for skin care, especially after shower and bathing. They usually contain aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, urea or glycerol. The purpose of these ingredients is to retain water in the epidermis, to prevent overdrying and dehydration. In moisturizing lotions, you can also find vitamins, plant extracts and emollients (oiling substances). The latter include: avocado oil, grape seed oil or sweet almond oil.

Regenerating and strengthening body lotion

Such products can also be found in the drugstore. They not only regenerate and strengthen the skin, but also moisturise it. Their most important task is to protect dry, sensitive and mature skin; also work well on the skin of pregnant women – they will prevent the formation of stretch marks. Such balms contain a very large amount of emollients in the form of thick oils and butter.

Anti-cellulite body lotion

The purpose of such products is to stimulate circulation and to firm and moisturize the skin. The composition of an anti-cellulite lotion may include: citrus extract, cosmetic caffeine or sea algae. In order to achieve satisfactory results, the cosmetic should be used regularly, and its action must be combined with diet and exercise. You must know that the lotion itself cannot burn body fat and force us to lose extra pounds.

How do you apply body lotions?

Do you know that each body lotion (regardless of the type) has a moisturizing effect? Therefore, it is worth applying it after each shower and every bath. Just massage a small amount of this cosmetic in circular motions into the skin. This will ensure better absorbency, improve blood circulation as well as smooth out and firm the skin. You can apply body balms to any part of the body and as often as you need.

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