Do you like changes? Coconut oil – an alternative to most of hair cosmetics

The beauty of your hair depends on various factors. It is all in your hands and it is up to you to choose proper care. Sometimes, a slight change makes a huge difference! It does not take much to infuse the hair a little bit of health. 

If you wish to have beautiful hair, you must first take a proper care of it. There is no other way, nothing will happen on its own. There are various factors that have an influence on the condition of the hair, for instance, stress, diet, fatigue, bad weather, pollution, styling, selection of cosmetics.

In most cases, it is enough to change a few habits for your hair to become stronger, smoother and shinier. What kind of change are we talking about? One of the ideas is to replace your cosmetics with coconut oil. This inconspicuous oil can really work wonders.

Coconut oil –  complex hair care

It is one of the most popular oils used in hair care (skin care as well). Women like to reach for it as a substitute for their regular cosmetics because coconut oil contains a diversity of valuable ingredients and its consistency resembles a hair mask. In a good-quality coconut oil you will find: folic acid, vitamin E, zinc, fatty acids.

What can be replaced with coconut oil?

  • A serum to protect hair ends against splitting.
  • A conditioner to prevent hair dehydrating.
  • A deeply nourishing hair mask.
  • A product preventing frizz and static.
  • A lightweight wax for facilitating styling.
  • A scalp lotion inhibiting hair loss.

As you can see, natural coconut oil is suitable for hair care experiments. If used in too much, it may burden your hair, but it will not hurt it in any way. It’s best to conduct a test to see how the application of coconut oil will work in your case and whether it will bring positive changes in the condition and appearance of your hair.

In addition, it is worth taking into consideration changing other hair care habits. Not only the choice of cosmetics is important, but also how we handle the hair.

To provide the hair with health and beauty, it is best to:

  • stop blow-drying the hair with hot air,
  • change your regular shampoo to a milder one with no SLS content,
  • use a natural-bristle brush to comb the hair,
  • have a hairdresser trim the ends regularly.

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