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Fingernails made of titanium! Advantages of titanium manicure

hybrid-manicure.jpgNot that long ago cosmetic world went crazy about hybrid manicure. It’s more convenient, prettier and easier to do than acrylic nail decorations. No wonder that thousands of women have got addicted to hybrid manicure. Unfortunately, this kind of manicure doesn’t guarantee indestructibility. And what if you could have fingernails made of titanium?

Now it is possible. The truth is, new methods and trends in cosmetology appear very often, and this also applies to the art of manicure. Obviously, some fashions are successful whereas the other aren’t that warmly welcomed by women. And this is exactly what happened to hybrid or vinyl manicure. After all, hands are one of the first body parts that we pay attention to when we talk to somebody. For that reason, it’s worth doing what we can to make our fingernails look neat. Perfect nails are a must! So, is it possible for titanium fingernails to become one of the willingly-chosen manicure type? What is titanium manicure in the first place?

Manicure artists are dispelling all doubts and are explaining what are the basic differences between popular hybrid and titanium manicure:

“If I were to explain the difference in plain English, I would say that titanium manicure is something like hybrid and acrylic manicure combined together. It can be used to extend nails as it’s typical for acrylic manicure, but when we look at the outcome, it resembles more of a hybrid.”

Titanium manicure is very easy to apply, yet it’s considered as more durable than hybrid. However, the greatest advantage of this procedure is hidden way deeper. We’re aware of the fact that hybrid manicure applied constantly can significantly contribute to fingernails impoverishment. And here, for the rescue, comes titanium manicure that is said to strengthen fingernail plate. The products used for titanium manicure contain calcium as well as the following vitamins: A, D, E. However, you have to wait a few months to observe fingernail condition improvement.

It’s beautiful, durable and, at the top of that, it nourishes fingernails. Can there be anything better? Indeed, titanium manicure has many advantages. It’s easy to apply although, the method of putting it on is a little bit different than what we are accustomed to.

Application of titanium manicure begins normally. Fingernails are covered with a base coat. The next step is the first difference that appears. The fingernails are put into a container filled with powder that is later covered with, among others, titanium dioxide. What’s interesting, no UV lamps are needed for titanium manicure procedure since the powder applied to fingernails gets dry under the action of air. The lack of necessity of using UV lamps is a massive plus since regular exposition to UV irradiation increases risk of skin cancer.

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