Glossary of youth: what substances rejuvenate the skin? What to look for in face creams?

A face cream is a cosmetic that should be selected very carefully – the one with a good composition, abundant in high-quality active ingredients is able to delay the ageing process and to make fine lines less visible … How do you know what ingredients have rejuvenating effects? Learn what to look for in good anti-age face creams.

A good face cream – what should it contain?

What ingredients are best for mature skin and for the first wrinkles? It turns out that the list of those components that actually work is not too long. For the cream to fulfil its purpose should include:

  • co-enzyme Q 10 – a compound that is responsible for cell metabolism – it is present in each cell and stimulates them to regenerate. Thanks to collagen, the skin retains its firmness and youth for longer. It is a powerful antioxidant, it inhibits the formation of free radicals and reduces the breakdown of collagen and elastin;
  • hyaluronic acid – it is an excellent “filler” for wrinkles and flabby skin. Hyaluronic acid takes care of the appropriate level of moisture of the cells, thanks to which the skin remains elastic. Also, it takes care of the condition and youth of the skin and supports its proper functioning;
  • peptides (preferably: biomimetic peptide) – small amino acid molecules linked by a peptide bond. They inhibit the activity of fibroblasts, and as a result, the production of collagen and elastin is increased.
    An innovation in cosmetology is the biomimetic peptide – a synthetically created amino acid that works just like the growth factors in our body. The biomimetic peptide also relaxes muscular micro-tensions under the skin, thus smoothes wrinkles. What’s more – it unifies the skin tone and brightens discolourations and pigmentation spots.
  • elastin – a valuable “youth protein”, which is the main component of the connective tissue and the walls of blood vessels. With the passage of years, the production of elastin drops, and our skin is ageing. It loses elasticity and thus, wrinkles appear. Elastin is a valuable ingredient in creams and hair care products. It reduces wrinkles and perfectly firms the epidermis. It also supports skin, hair and nail regeneration processes;
  • collagen – the most important protein that is a part of the connective tissue of our skin. The lower its level, the faster the skin ages. Supplying tissues with collagen improves skin firmness and elasticity, while the wrinkle-formation slows down. Collagen is valuable not only because it takes care of the youthful appearance of the face – it is necessary for the fight against cellulite, helps overcome stretch marks and firms the whole body;
  • retinol – is one of the forms of vitamin A. It strongly rejuvenates, stimulates the skin to create a thicker protective layer of the epidermis, thus it tolerates the adverse effects of external factors better and is easier to regenerate. Retinol also supports collagen biosynthesis and contributes to the reconstruction of damaged elastin fibres;
  • stem cells – are an unusual type of cells. They have the ability to unlimited divisions and change into any type of cells – when they divide – rise new cells and improve the regeneration of the body, including skin tissues. With age, the number of such cells in our body decreases, and the skin begins to age: as a result of a slow regeneration, wrinkles are likely to appear and the skin loses elasticity. Stem cells from a kind of scaffolding for the skin. There are creams that contain plant stem cells that synchronize with those in human skin. Thanks to them, we gain the ability to rebuild dead cells, while the wrinkles become shallow;
  • telomeres – these are the ends of chromosomes that are “superimposed” on their parts. Telomeres are responsible for a long life, skin youthfulness and slowing down ageing, unfortunately, with each cell division, the length of telomeres is shortened – with the passage of years they are shortened to such an extent that the replica of cells completely disappears. It turns out that the appropriate length of telomeres contributes to a longer life and a younger appearance and better functioning of the whole organism.

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