Hair Oil Treatment – Useful Tricks, Clever Life Hacks

Hair oil treatment – is there anyone who doesn’t know it yet? Everyone wants to use oils and it’s not just because oiling is big and so unconventional now. Oily substances have gained recognition mainly thanks to effectiveness. The one and only all-natural, safe and multi-tasking products that work like a professional salon therapy. Still, if we desire to dazzle others with an excellent condition of our hairdos and shiny strands, a few clever tricks, which turn applying oils into a professional and shockingly effective treatment, are worth knowing. Here are the best hair oil treatment life hacks.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no.1

Oil your hair… wisely

Applying hair oil treatments isn’t just about making hair lengths look better. Natural oils are cut out for scalp care and enhancement of hair bulbs. They strengthen hair from the roots and effectively purify scalp, keeping cosmetics and keratin from building up on hair. Always apply oils to your scalp first and next move on to spreading it on lengths.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no.2

Hair oil treatment is a dish best served… wet

Wet hair, to be more precise: damp hair after a shower have an increased absorption so if you’ve got spare time, try to apply oils to freshly-washed hair. The oil needs minimum 30 minutes to work on hair and scalp with the fullest power. If you’re pressed for time, leave an oil in for at least 15 minutes – even a quarter of an hour with the oil is able to noticeably improve the state of a hairdo.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no.3

Keep your oils warm

Thanks to heat, molecules in natural oils get lively and energetic, move quickly and easily penetrate deeper hair structures. That’s why, provide your hair and scalp with heat after applying an oil: put on a shower cap, cover the head with a towel and additionally warm such a turban up with a hot air of a blow-dryer. Doing so, you intensify the hair oil treatment effects.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no.4

All night long with a hair oil

A hair oil is a conditioner that you can leave in hair as long as… you wish. The so-called overnight hair oil treatment gives stunning results – leaving an oil in hair and on scalp and then washing it off in the morning to enjoy beautiful, perfectly-nourished, bouncy and shiny hair.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no.5

Oils are meant for… massage

The scalp is no exception. Give yourself a gentle scalp massage immediately after applying the oil – you’ll stimulate hair bulbs to work because the blood flow and oxygen circulation in cells are reinforced. After just a few oil treatments, the hair bulb is stronger, hair stops falling out, the hair growth is faster.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no.6

Oil for hair, oil for… cuticles

In fact, a hair isn’t smooth – it is built of keratin cuticles which are arranged on the external layer like tiny tiles. If the cuticles are raised – hair is damaged and loses moisture and bounce. The particles of oils are able to match ideally these cuticles – on condition that you choose the right ones for your hair porosity – the type of hair and the way that your cuticles look like. In other words, pick hair oils that are suitable for your hair porosity type.

Hair oil treatment – life hack no. 7

Emulsify the oil!

It sounds like a Hogwarts magic spell or an advanced chemical experience. It’s actually a clever life hack which lets you effortlessly wash an oil off even after an overnight hair oil treatment: right before washing the oil away, apply some hair mask or conditioner – these products neutralize the oil residue so you can easily remove even a greasy and thick hair oil.