Hair shampoos: types and properties

Every hair shampoo contains basic ingredients that are responsible for cleansing the scalp and hair, substances that modify the effect of shampoos (eg lathering agents) and additional ingredients (including preservatives, thickeners, dyes, vitamins A, E, B5 and B6, fragrances, herbs, vegetable oils). The latter are matched to the type of shampoo. What types and properties do hair shampoos have?

Hair shampoos – types and properties

1. Division of shampoos due to the hair type

Basically, you can distinguish three types of hair shampoos:

  • shampoos for normal hair – hair that does not cause any problems and is strong and healthy,
  • shampoos for dry hair,
  • shampoos for oily hair.
    Shampoos for dry hair are rich in plant oils, lavender and linden herb extracts and substances that moisturize the hair. However, shampoos for oily hair contain extracts of plants (mainly hops, nettle leaves, calamus or juniper) and substances that regulate the work of sebaceous glands.

Due to the type of hair, shampoos can also be divided into those intended for the care of fair, dark or curly hair. Hair shampoos dedicated to blondes and brunettes contain dyes which task is to emphasize the colour of hair. In turn, shampoos for curly hair are aimed at moisturizing and adding gloss as well as elasticity to the curls.

2. Division of shampoos due to the hair problem

At the same time, there are shampoos for special tasks, for example, anti-dandruff or for colour-treated hair or preventing hair loss. Anti-dandruff shampoos regulate flaking of the epidermis. They are rich in sage extract, which has anti-dandruff activity, and substances that rebuild hair and soothe skin irritations. Shampoos for colour-treated hair contain ingredients that fix the colour (blonde, dark or red) and rebuild and smooth out the structure of hair that’s been damaged by chemical agents. In turn, shampoos responsible for inhibiting hair loss, thanks to the content of vitamins, extracts of herbs, collagen, elastin and panthenol nourish hair bulbs and stimulate them to work.

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