How to apply highlighter?

A highlighter enhances facial features and makes the complexion look radiant and fresh. Nevertheless, many women avoid this cosmetic because they are worried that the application requires a lot of practice. Their fears are not justified – the use of a highlighter is not that difficult. Thanks to today’s post, you will learn how to apply a highlighter, but first – how to choose it.

How to choose a highlighter?

The best solution will be a pressed or loose powder which, when applied to the skin, will give the effect of a sheet, not individual particles. For this reason, you should avoid especially large, shiny flecks that will make you look unnatural. Before you decide to buy a cosmetic, check its effect in daylight.

How to apply a highlighter?

There are different techniques for applying a highlighter depending on the areas of the face:


Applying the highlighter to the centre of the forehead will help you sharpen the contour of the face. In addition, apply a little of this cosmetic on the top of the nose. Also, the shape of the face will gain symmetry if you emphasize the hairline with a bronzer.


Your eyebrows will get a more regular shape if you apply a highlighter just below the bottom line of the eyebrows. In addition, the arches will appear optically larger. Do apply it along the entire length of the eyebrows; just to the brow bones from the middle of the arch to the outer corner.


If you have small eyes, apply a highlighter to their inner corners. In addition, you can add a little bit of this cosmetic on the sides of the nose where the skin is slightly darker, it will make your eyes look more rested. You can apply a couple of layers if you want a more dramatic effect or just a light dusting for some subtle highlights. This makeup trick will be especially beneficial for women who have dark under-eye circles.


To emphasize poorly outlined cheekbones, use a combination of three cosmetics: a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush. The bronzer should be applied just under the cheekbones, highlighter – just above them, and with the help of the blush, you should blend both of these cosmetics. The effect will be very natural.


The nose will appear slimmer when using a highlighter to draw a thin, bright vertical line. For even better results, the nose wings and its tip can be emphasized with the help of a bronzer. Thanks to this trick, your face will be more symmetrical.


The application of the highlighter just above the Cupid’s bow is particularly important when wearing dark lipstick. Thanks to this, you will emphasize the natural contour of the lips, correct irregularities, optically enlarge the lips and give them a more intense colour.


Dabbing a small dot of the highlighter in the middle of the chin and applying a bit of bronzer will visually shorten long face shape.

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