How to hide dark under-eye circles? Concealers, makeup tricks and methods of application

A sleepless night, allergy, polluted air, or maybe cigarettes? These are just some of the factors that cause dark circles under the eyes. Are you wondering how to hide them? the answer is simple, put on a good makeup. Use concealers and apply them effectively. 

Application of a concealer – the most important principle

The most important principle that you should follow when choosing a concealer and its application method is to neutralize the shades. Many women have a problem with choosing this cosmetic in the right colour. They tend to use too light shades, which highlight the dark shadows and emphasizes them even more, or too dark, which can make one age and eliminate the effect of freshness.

Concealer shades

Concealers in the lightest shades are not always the best choice, because they do not match every skin tone. Which colours will be best for you? You can choose from the following shades:

  • yellow – they mask the bruising and eliminate purple tones, they are perfect for warm and natural complexion;
  • pink – they cover up greenish shades and discolourations on the skin;
  • nude and beige – work well on most skin types and will be suitable for those who do not have visible dark circles;
  • orange – may be too bright for most of us, and the effect that they provide will be just ridiculous.

Where to apply the concealer?

Usually, we apply the concealer to the bluest place under the eyes, i.e. right next to the inner corner of the eye, and we pat it in the direction of the nose. In the meantime, it is enough to apply it to the eyelash line and above the eyelid crease over the inner corner. These places are usually red or blue in contrast to the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes. Such a trick will be especially useful when we want to do the so-called make-up no make-up.

Concealer – how much product to apply?

The less the better. In the case of the concealer application, this principle is of particular importance. By applying a smaller amount of the cosmetic, you do not emphasize wrinkles and avoid separating of the product. If you need precise coverage, you will only get it if you add more layers of the concealer and control its amount. Thanks to this step, your makeup will last flawless for many hours.

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