How to take care of the skin? You might not know about those rules!

Beautiful skin is such that we take care of on a regular basis and which we deliver all necessary nutrients – both insider (diet) and out (cosmetics). Are you certain that you know how to take care of the skin? Here are five rules that you might not know about.

Some claim that skincare is easy. Those are usually people whose skin is not problematic and even without cosmetics looks radiant, glowing, and smooth. However, if you have problems such as acne, hyperpigmentations, or oily T-zone, you probably get frustrated with each miraculous beauty treatment that should work, but well… it doesn’t. It’s time to change it!

How to take care of the skin? Five simple rules

You just need to introduce those five rules to your daily routine and your skin will gratify you with beautiful appearance. It will be perfectly moisturized and nourished, so also smooth, full of glow, and devoid of hyperpigmentations. Do you want to know how to get rid of all skin problems?

1. Start with the diet and drinking water.

Moisturizing and nourishment are most effective when it comes from within. The healthier the diet the more vitamins and minerals are provided and you look better. The skin gains from a balanced diet. Don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day – it’s a daily amount that an organism requires but you will also hydrate your skin from the inside. Effectively and for a long time.

2. Use a face serum on a regular basis.

Hardly anyone knows that the most important cosmetic in skincare is serum. You should consider its use under the cream on a regular basis (start by tapping in the serum, wait a moment and apply a layer of cream) because its action is way more intense and can solve most of your problems with the skin. You just need to choose the right serum for your skin.

  • For dry skin, the best choice is a serum with hyaluronic acid.
  • The serum with vitamin C is a great choice for dull skin with hyperpigmentations.
  • If you want to flatten the wrinkles, you will need a retinol serum.

3. Match your cream with the skin type.

How do you buy your face cream? Most consumers follow their friend’s advice and the price is an important factor. It’s a mistake because a good and effective face cream is the one matching the skin type. If you have dry skin, you should choose moisturizing cream. If you have mature skin, go for lifting creams with the content of components such as coenzyme Q10. What about the winter season? Then you’ll need heavier creams that can work as an emollient.

4. Cleansing skin with oils.

Another good idea is to introduce oils to your daily beauty routine – those need to be natural, cold-pressed, and unrefined. The mix of castor and argan oil is great for skin cleansing because it deals greatly with even excess sebum and waterproof cosmetics. The benefit of this skin cleansing method is that at the same time you nourish the skin and stimulate it to regeneration. Natural oils are an amazing source of nourishing substances.

5. Don’t forget about the toner.

The most often skipped cosmetic in skincare is toner. Wrongly because its properties are able to maintain the skin’s good condition. The task of toner is to balance the skin pH so that it is less prone to irritation. Apart from maintaining the right pH, it also cleanses and moisturizes the skin.