Jaw-dropping lashes? See our ranking of the top-rated eyelash serums!

Did you know that beautiful and long lashes don’t have to be only a dream? Simply invest in a good eyelash serum which will improve the condition and accelerate the natural growth of your lashes. No need to look further for the best! We prepared a ranking for you which will make your decision simpler to make.

Why buy an eyelash serum?

The majority of women are not quite satisfied with the look of their lashes. That is why they need extra help! A good eyelash serum should do the job. Products of this type contain numerous valuable ingredients that regenerate lashes from within. The fact that you haven’t been blessed with naturally thick lashes doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Choose a product suited to your needs and transform your look. Use an eyelash serum every day to enjoy healthy, strong lashes. They will thank you for such a powerful energy boost!

How to choose an effective lash serum?

This ranking compiles recommended and effective products. A serum for lash growth should consist of ingredients that strengthen, hydrate and condition hairs deeply. Recommended lash serums are rich sources of valuable constituents such as keratin, biotin, peptides, and vitamin complexes. An effective product is safe and non-irritating for sensitive eyes and brings long-term effects. If you have any doubts regarding the use of lash enhancers, contact a specialist.


1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum

A remarkable lash serum whose effectiveness will mesmerize you. Numerous consumers across the world often go for this product. Its safe formula has been proven through many studies. This lash serum ensures strengthened and lengthened lashes after just four weeks of use. It’s safe for those with sensitive skin types so you don’t have to worry about no irritation or allergy reactions. It’s the best solution! The Nanolash serum delivers 50% longer and thicker lashes after a month of treatment. The first visible effects will appear in just 10 days – hairs will become darker, longer and noticeably thicker. Nanolash Eyelash Serum is essential in every woman’s makeup bag. All you need to do is apply the product to the upper lash line every day. A precise brush will make this process easy for you so the application will be nearly effortless. Unique, natural components result in a product that makes your lashes longer, properly hydrated and more supple. The Nanolash serum was created in mind with those who wish to bring out their eyes. When you achieve the desired length and volume, keep using the product 2-3 times a week to provide your lashes with hydration and nourishment.

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum

It’s a recommended eyelash serum which ensures lashes double in length and density. It’s a common choice for women as the Lashcode serum strengthens, nourishes and regenerates. It’s a great way to revitalize thin lashes and emphasize beautiful eye colour. The precise thin applicator makes everyday application an uncomplicated process. Lashcode Eyelash Serum is a combination of specially selected ingredients: soy and wheat germ extract regenerates lashes deeply, cares for their proper hydration and prevents hair loss; arginine – facilitates reaching of the nourishing ingredients to the lash follicles; peptide complex – it’s a natural UV filter which promotes natural hair growth, strengthen, thickens and lengthens them. This lash serum cares for your lashes from the roots to their ends. Apply it accordingly to the producer’s instructions and you will notice the effects in a flash.

3. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

It’s a strengthening lash serum based on natural ingredients. If you dream of long, luscious lashes. RapidLash lash serum is a fantastic solution. This innovative lash serum ensures healthier and more elastic hairs after just 21 days of use. After a month of the treatment, you’ll notice they’re nourished and moisturized. This is due to nano peptides which promote faster lash growth, strengthening amino acid molecules, as well as extracts of calendula, calamus and flax. This anti-inflammatory, regenerating serum by Realash is a good pick for even the most demanding consumers.

4. RevitaLash Advanced

The eyelash serum’s unique formula gathers a lot of interest. It’s good quality and guarantees the safety of use. The RevitaLash serum accelerates hair growth, prevents hair loss and leaves lashes much longer and thicker. The product promotes faster hair growth, prevents lash loss and lengthens and thickens lashes. Even if your lashes are in poor condition, this serum will be able to help you! The effectiveness of peptides affects your look positively, biotin hydrates and smooths them while the plant extracts and active nano peptides speed up regenerative processes. This lash serum is tested dermatologically, clinically as well as ophthalmologically. What’s more, it’s suited for vegans and safe in the case of lash extensions.

5. FEG Eyelash Enhancer

This lash serum is a bit low-priced. A perfect solution for those who want to strengthen weak, fragile lashes and improve their overall condition. This product is efficient and will surely last you the whole treatment. Full end results will be visible after 16 weeks of use so if you value quick effects, this option may not be for you. The FEG lash serum has a rather thick consistency which makes it impossible for the product to infect your eyes. Natural hypoallergenic ingredients minimalize the risk of irritation or allergy reactions. This lash serum is often recommended to those who damaged their lashes with the wrong lash care, lash extensions or using the wrong products.

Take care of your lashes with the right lash serum!

A lash serum is the basis of proper lash care to maintain lashes in good condition for a long time. It’s a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides and antioxidants. These substances form a natural UV filter and protection against ageing. Simply use it every day and follow the instructions provided. You will quickly notice that your lashes become longer, thick and much stronger. Use a good lash serum each day and unleash the real beauty of your eyes!