Mesotherapy Q&A. Everything you need to know about the treatment

Mesotherapy is a very popular procedure that improves skin condition and makes you look younger. Both women and men can benefit from it. There are also no limited indications as to the part of the body on which the mesotherapy can be performed. What else should you learn about the procedure?

Is mesotherapy an effective treatment?

Definitely yes! Mesotherapy has been very popular for a long time due to high efficiency and amazing effects. Many women from all over the world are devoted to this procedure. Mesotherapy is so effective because it uses preparations selected for particular skin type. In addition, it is believed to be one of the best rejuvenating treatments, and the effects obtained through it are similar to those after botox treatments, peels or fillers.

Is mesotherapy suitable for oily skin?

Yes, of course. By selecting the substance to be used during the treatment, you can use ingredients that will meet the needs of oily skin. The treatment that will enhance the effect of mesotherapy is exfoliating at the beginning of the therapy. Thanks to this procedure, the skin will be stimulated to regenerate itself, will receive the right dose of nutrients, will become toned and smoothed, and inflammation will be calmed down.

Mesotherapy for mature or young skin?

This treatment is recommended for people of all ages, regardless of skin type. Interestingly, mesotherapy can be carried out not only on the face but also on the hands, neck, neckline and scalp. For people with mature skin, the treatment will smooth out wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, lighten discolourations. thanks to mesotherapy, young people can get rid of acne, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. However, those who suffer from excessive hair loss may undergo surgery regardless of age and skin type.

Needle mesotherapy vs needle-free mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy consists in providing the skin with medicinal substances by means of injection. Needle-free mesotherapy is a procedure using a magnetic wave, ultrasounds or iontophoresis. By means of one or the other method, only specific substances can be administered, eg hyaluronic acid can be introduced deep into the skin only with the help of needle mesotherapy. It should also be remembered that small bruises may appear after using this method. This procedure lasts about 20 minutes whilst needle-free mesotherapy takes about an hour.

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