Pigmentation eraser? Learn the products able to brighten up the skin

There are some skin pigmentation spots that actually add a kind of charm to our look, but sadly the majority of such blemishes and freckles don’t affect our appearance in a positive way. In most cases hyper-pigmentation occurs as the consequence either of sun exposure or ageing, so what is charming about this?

Although everything is just a matter of taste and self-acceptance, the majority of sunspots can be lightened up, luckily. Now you can easily achieve youthful and radiant skin. Find out how to brighten the pigmentation up to achieve impeccable complexion. Let’s fight the blotches together!

What are the causes of hyper-pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation is this brownish spot that appears on the face. Sometimes the marks look like freckles, yet in most cases the area affected is wider than a tiny dot. This kind of discoloration is triggered by the UV rays. Solar radiation is able to disturb the proper functioning of melanocytes, which are melanin-producing cells. This is why face, chest and hands are the very skin areas that are the most prone to sunspots.

Apart from the sunlight, pigmentation spots can be caused by hormonal fluctuations that are typical of the pregnancy. Even some auto-immunological diseases requiring a hormonal treatment (e.g. problems with thyroid gland) may also encourage pigmentation. Finally, your skin may disconsolate if you use products that make it sensitive to the light such as St John’s-wort extract or retinol of a doubtful origin.

How to prevent skin pigmentation?

In the fight for even complexion, prophylaxis seems to be essential. Why so? Because even if you succeed in erasing old sunspots, the skin still remains prone to developing new ones, provided that you don’t shield it well enough. Therefore, if you want to keep your skin flawless, invest some money in quality sun protection. Reach for a sunscreen offering you a high sun protection filter. During the summer, you can grab even a SPF 50+. Obviously, sunlight and the harmful UV rays mess with the skin all year, they can cause sunspots even on a cloudy day. Therefore, when the hot sunny days are over, you don’t have to use high SPFs.

Have you found a decent product erasing pigmentation, or did your beautician recommend it to you? Great! Now you have to follow the directions for use listed on the packaging. Also, you must apply the product regularly and be persistent with it. Obviously, you shouldn’t focus on the face only but also spread the product on the chest, shoulders, back and even hands too.

Pigmentation creams for impeccable skin

Women often ask for an efficacious cream, home remedies and other solutions that may help them brighten up pigmentation spots. The present-day aesthetic medicine is so advanced that we can choose and pick among plenty of treatments that free us from the sunspots.

The darkest and stubborn sunspots can be eliminated due to chemical peel. The experts recommend two products that are said to combat pigmentation pretty successfully: Dermamelan and Cosmelan. Both products grant removal of various types of blotchiness – they are able to brighten up the sunspots even at 95%. However, as with every invasive treatment, this one is entailed with one side effect that is flaky skin which may last too long for those who can’t work with such skin conditions (face-to-face). It has to be realized that such chemical peel treatment consists of a few stages. After receiving the first peel in a clinic, a patient has to religiously go through other stages and treat the skin with special preparations for a few months at home.

When the skin discoloration isn’t so dark, when the pigmentation spots reduce in size and their color faded, you can reach for peels that are far gentler for the skin than the chemical peel, e.g. Retix C, or acid-based peels. Obviously, the effects won’t be immediate since such products need to be reapplied for some time.

Home remedies for pigmentation spots

What about home methods to deal with sunspots? One of the best solutions to erase pigmentation spots is soda. Combine a spoon of this white powder with a dash of water to obtain a thick mass. Try massaging it to the darker skin areas that you wish to brighten up. This home remedy for getting rid of pigmentation spots is effective provided that the blemish has appeared on the face fairly recently.

Another proven pigmentation spot trick is use of a potato. This vegetable contains substances that are proven to even out skin tone. You can either grate a potato or use potato slices.

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