Davines, Melu Hair Shield

Size: 8.45 fl. oz / 250 ml

Davines has proved again that it knows how to create hair products by using carefully-selected ingredients to deliver stunning results. And this thermal spray makes a perfect complement of the entire heat protection series named Melu. Plain design and conditioning action are two distinguishing features of many Davines cosmetics. When it comes to Melu Hair Shield, it forms a barrier around the hair that keeps it safe from the heat generated by a blow dryer or flat iron. Recommended for long and damaged strands, this thermal spray is potent enough to successfully defy heat damage, at the same time working to combat frizz and static. Villalba seed extract that can be found in Davines Melu Hair Shield delivers nutrients and prevents breakage, leaving you with a softer and shinier blowout.

Heat protectant spray from Davines – effects

  • Protects hair from high temperatures generated by hot tools.
  • Is perfect for long, damaged and brittle strands.
  • Villalba seed extract repairs broken structures in hair.
  • Leaves hair visibly softer and voluminous.
  • Keeps hair hydrated.

Davines heat protectant spray – application

Try to cover the hair with the spray evenly. You can use it both on dry or towel dried hair prior to heat styling. Don’t rinse.