Kevin Murphy, Ever Smooth

size: 5.07 fl. oz / 150 ml

Ever Smooth thermo spray is an offering from a prestigious and world-recognized hair brand—Kevin Murphy. This product is designed for those who want their hair to be protected during blow drying, as well as for those who like perfectly smooth and tamed wisps. Interestingly, Ever Smooth spray starts working only when exposed to the heat generated by a hair dryer. What does it actually do? It combats frizz and is supposed to create a pleasantly smooth blowout. Most of all, however, this thermal spray prevents tangling and makes arranging hairdos significantly easier. It’s also said to extend the life of any style you choose to wear on a particular day.

This spray suits all hair types: from fine and delicate, through normal, to heavy and low porous. Recommended by the best hair stylists and chosen by those with a bigger budget, Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth is recognized for being efficacious because of its unquestionably positive effect on strands. It’s formulated with an array of plant-derived ingredients that promote smoother and frizz-free finish: tree bark, lemon aspen, white and blue cypress extracts.

Heat protectant spray from Kevin Murphy – effects

  • Counteracts frizzy hair.
  • Combats the adverse effects of humidity and high temps.
  • Extends the life of any style.
  • Leaves hair shiny and smooth.

Kevin Murphy heat protectant spray – application

Using this thermal spray isn’t complicated. It’s suggested putting it on towel dried hair, after shampooing and removing a conditioner. Spritz the strands with Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth and reach for a hair dryer for remarkable smoothness and long-lasting effects.