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Roots: What should you do when roots need better coverage?

Hybrid manicure is very popular with women, lately. This is long lasting and convenient solution. No wonder that we gave up traditional nail polish for it. However, this method has its flaws. It is so long lasting that when roots appear, we need to remove hybrid lacquer with acetone and do the entire manicure all over again. Or we can learn how to cover the roots.

To cover roots instead of removing the entire manicure seems much wiser. It will certainly take less time than removing and filing hybrid nail polish. Hybrid manicure is long lasting and durable, so it remains intact in the area where it was applied. It does not chip off in any way.hybrid-manicure.jpg

The problem appears only after 2 weeks, when natural nail plate starts to be visible. It does not look good and requires to be corrected. How should you do that and not destroy the entire effect? Just choose right decoration!

If on roots you apply only one plain colour as it was before, you can be certain that one layer will stand out from the other. It is not easy to hide previous manicure. However, proper manicure can help you deal with that. Meet our two proven techniques.

Nude manicure

For those who think about future coverage when applying the hybrid.

These of you who love nude and caramel colours should love this method. Nude hybrid manicure is the simplest method in the book, when it comes to roots coverage. When manicure blends in with skin, it is easier to hide any roots and eventual line where nail polishes meet. Light colour will blend perfectly. Roots are not going to be this visible and covering it with the same colour won’t be difficult.

Reverse French manicure

For those who think about coverage only after roots appear.

It is definitely more difficult to hide roots when the nail polish is dark. The contrast between root and nail polish is too big and any try of covering it will be visible. However, you can always do the reverse French manicure and purposely emphases the contrast between the nail plate part and the area near cuticles. This pattern looks elegant, you can combine two completely different colours. Especially for the New Year’s Eve you can try reverse French manicure in brocade version. Shimmering brocade will change the appearance of your hybrid manicure and will look stunning on every grand night out.

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