Sheet masks for your face. Are you using them correctly?

Facial sheet masks have recently become a very popular form of skin care. However, to make the best of them, they must be applied correctly. Check out how to use such masks in the right way and discover the benefits that you will gain thanks to using them.

The right time for the application

It turns out that even time plays a significant role in applying the sheet mask. Apparently, the best moment is late evening, around 9:00 PM. Then, the skin begins to regenerate itself and absorb nutrients better. What’s more, these valuable substances will remain on the skin throughout the entire night, ensuring its nice appearance in the morning. It is also very important to thoroughly remove the makeup before applying the mask.

Cleansing the skin

Remember that you cannot apply a face mask without proper face cleansing done beforehand. Therefore, make sure to wash your face every single evening. Do proper makeup removal in order to get rid of sebum, sweat, dust and dirt and cleanse your skin pores. Even the smallest amount of impurities could prevent the cosmetic action and hinder the penetration of the mask’s nutritional ingredients into the skin. In order to cleanse your face, use a lotion or a face washing gel. Afterwards, reach for a toner that will restore the skin’s proper pH.

How to apply the sheet mask?

Carefully the mask out of the packaging and remove the protective cover. Then adjust the holes in the sheet to your eyes, nose and mouth. Press the mask carefully to the skin to get rid of the air bubbles, and allow the skin to access nutrients freely. Thanks to this, you will also prevent faster evaporation of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts from the product. Apparently, the sheet mask is best applied when lying down.

What’s next?

When the time determined by the produces passes, remove the mask. You cannot allow the sheet to dry out, because this way you will not get a positive effect. You must dispose of the mask because it is not suitable for reuse. Do not wash your face with water, but massage the essence that has not yet been absorbed. There may also be essence residues in the packaging of the mask. These can also be applied to the skin of the neck and cleavage.

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