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Why your skin really needs vitamin C serum?

Does your skin look sallow, dull and tired? Is your face full of dark spots? Reach for a lightweight, powerful vitamin C product – serum might prove to be a saver. Check why it’s worthwhile to use it and how to do it the right way.

Serums make many people think of some luxury, pricey and unattainable treatments. The truth is that a vitamin C serum is a high-end cosmetic but it’s available for all of us these days. It’s worth it!

A good serum is better than a moisturizer

Let’s start with listing the differences between face serums and moisturizers. There are quite a lot of them.

Firstly, serum has a higher concentration of ingredients and it is really light at the same time. Because it’s fast-absorbing, it works inside the skin, not just on its surface like a moisturizer. Serums have more ingredients which work more strongly so a bit of the product can actually make over the skin, revitalize and rejuvenate it.

Despite that, SERUM DOESN’T REPLACE A MOISTURIZER. Both products should be treated like a well-matched couple – they complement and “encourage” each other to work.

Types of face serums. Which one makes the best pick for your skin?

Serum must be right for your skin type and its needs. Wrong product won’t give desired results. You can choose between moisturizing, antiaging, illuminating, brightening serums (and many others). You can also pick serum designed for solving specific problems e.g. wrinkles, pigmentation spots, spider veins, etc.

Obviously, all properties of face serum flow from the ingredients, mostly from the main component. If it’s hyaluronic acid, the serum has an amazing moisturizing effect. If it’s collagen and coenzyme Q10, the product has an antiaging effect. What about vitamin C serum?

When to reach for serum based on vitamin C? What is ascorbic acid made for? Who benefits from this product the most?

Vitamin C-infused serum – benefits, results

A serum with ascorbic acid makes a good choice no matter your age or season of the year. A quality vitamin C serum is universal and multi-purpose. There are numerous reasons why it’s worthwhile to start using it in daily skin care.

Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant which makes serum inhibit oxidation process. It effectively does away with free radicals which cause faster body aging. That is why vitamin C serums have a great antiaging effect. Still, the scope of their work is much wider.

How does a vitamin C serum work?

  1. Brightens and illuminates skin, reducing hyperpigmentation.
  2. Reinforces blood vessels, preventing spider veins.
  3. Eliminates redness and skin irritations.
  4. Stimulates production of collagen, repairs skin and boosts elasticity.
  5. Evens out skin tone and reduces acne breakouts.

Why vitamin C serum makes a great pick?

This inconspicuous product has endless merits yet it’s still under appreciated. Few people are aware of its power and benefits for skin.

Firstly, vitamin C-based serum is suitable for all skin types – dry, oily, young, aging. Feel free to use it no matter your age or skin problems. It works all year round and is a truly universal cosmetic.

Secondly, the best vitamin C serum gives great results. Not only does it brighten, rejuvenate and add radiance but also protects the skin so the sooner you start using it, the longer you enjoy a wrinkle-free face. Vitamin C shields from the sunlight as well as toxins in the air and other damaging factors.

Thirdly, vitamin C serum is very nice to use. It doesn’t take hours – you simply pat it on skin and wait until it’s absorbed. The serum freshens up and revitalizes the skin.

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