Pills for Excessive Sweating – Hit or Miss? What They Do & Are They Worth Trying?

Excessive sweating – a bothersome and quite embarrassing problem which can be really upsetting. It causes the feeling of discomfort, deprives of self confidence and makes people avoid socialising. Currently, excessive sweating is an ailment that we can fight using lots of available remedies. Apart from antiperspirants and sweat blockers, which are applied to the most sweaty skin areas, there are pills for excessive sweating. What they do? Are anti-sweating pills safe? What should effective medications for sweating contain?

Excessive Sweating Causes

All excessive sweating-related ailments usually appear between the age of 20 and 30. The most common causes of too much sweating include:

  • hormonal changes (adolescence or menopause),
  • diabetes, kidney disorders, cancer, hyperthyroid,
  • taking medication that affects the nervous system or has thermal regulating properties (also sleeping pills),
  • eating too much spices,
  • overuse of alcohol, nicotine, caffeine

Pills for heavy sweating – what are they?

Pills for sweating are the treatments that – contrary to products which work on the surface and external skin layers – regulate sweating from within. That is why the sweat secretion is degreased.

Pills for excessive sweating – who can use them?

Sweat-reducing pills make a good solution for people who suffer from the so-called hyperhidrosis – heavy sweating affecting the armpits and feet as well as the entire body. The hyperhidrosis is diagnosed when our sweat glands work with an intensified and unjustified power – secrete larger amounts of sweat than it’s necessary for cooling the body down.

Excessive sweating treatment pills are also suitable for people who complain about some body parts (hands, feet, armpits) sweating too much on condition that the sweat blockers fail.

Pills for excessive sweating – what they do?

Anti-sweat pills are able to stop the unpleasant ailments, bringing relief for those who suffer from the excessively-sweating hands, face or scalp.

Pills for sweating work in two ways:

  • reduce the amount of secreted sweat,
  • clear the body of toxins which cause the bad smell of sweat.

Pills for excessive sweating – what they contain? [ingredients]

Sage is the most important and the strongest-working ingredient in many pills for excessive sweating. It includes a large concentration of tannins – they are responsible for lowering the sweat secretion; moreover, sage reduces neurosis which tends to be a direct cause of heavy sweating. It also disinfects the body thus eliminates unpleasant smell of sweat on skin.

Other herbal ingredients hindering the excessive sweating

  • nettle extract – works diuretically, detoxifies the body, enhances the metabolism in cells,
  • melissa – has anti-bacterial qualities, reduces stress and neurosis,
  • horsetail – has diuretic properties, helps remove salts out of the body and enhances the blood vessels.

Pills for excessive sweating – are they harmful?

The decision about starting the treatment with pills for excessive sweating should be though-out and consulted with a doctor. After all, blocking the sweat secretion, or sudden reduction of sweating of the entire body, may have a bad impact on our health: it happens that anti-sweat pills disturb the hydro-electrolyte balance in the body and cause overheating in extreme cases (dangerous for health).

Pills for excessive sweating – when will you see the effects?

Remember that pills for heavy sweating don’t give instant results – the treatment must take several weeks so if you suffer from strong sweating in summer and you want to give the pills a go – start taking them 3-4 weeks before the summer time.

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