What is Holika Holika Famous for?

Holika Holika is a popular Korean cosmetic brand which came into being in 2010. Next to hundreds of other stores, it stands out with an intensively-violet logo. The brand’s idea was to make beauty products for women of all ages. What’s unique about Holika Holika?

What are the characteristic features of Holika Holika products?

The brand is most famous for Aloe-infused cosmetics, Pig-Nose treatment, charming limited editions and an attractive design.

Aloe-Infused Cosmetics

are characterized by a high concentration of aloe vera extracted on Jeju island. That is the reason why these products soothe the skin, ensuring a real alleviating and moisturising relief on hot summer days (when traditional products fail). Aloe 99% Soothing Gel (Aloe makes up 99% of this multitasking gel) and Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam (for daily use) are the top-selling Holika Holika products.

Pig-Nose Cosmetics

have been composed so as to fight blackheads on the nose. A three-stage treatment is one of the products in this line.

Charming limited editions

include, among others, a line which makes use of the power of eggs. It comes with the image of Gudetama – known from mini comic stories and memes. DODO CAT makeup set is another example of Holika Holika limited edition – the result of a cooperation of the brand with an artist – Audrey Jeanne.


encourages to get Holika Holika products. It touches the girlish side that every woman has (no matter the age – so it is in accordance with the brand’s idea). Anti-blackhead strips come in packagings decorated with funny pigs. There are also products decorated with different pictures – fairies, butterflies and other eye-catching images.

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