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Why are eyebrow serums better than castor oil?

One of the remedies that strengthen and thicken eyebrows is castor oil. Check what are the disadvantages of this method and why it’s better to invest in a good eyebrow conditioner.

Eyebrow care is becoming more and more popular. Possibly also you have wondered what to do to make your eyebrows denser, fuller and more beautiful. It’s important that the conditioner regenerates, nourishes and enhances growth. Among many products on the market, two of them dominate: eyebrow serum and castor oil.

Castor oil for your eyebrows

Applying castor oil on clean eyebrows is a very popular treatment. It should be done every day and works best with cold-pressed natural oil. Good quality castor oil contains a lot of fatty acids and vitamins, which make it a great cosmetic. Used on a regular basis, it’s supposed to enhance growth, darken and beautify.

Eyebrow serum

This is a treatment that requires a professional cosmetic. A good eyebrow conditioner contains high-quality, well-matched ingredients. As a rule, it is equipped with a sponge applicator, thanks to which the application is very simple. In order to regenerate, nourish, thicken and beautify, it’s recommended to use the product every day before bedtime.

Why is eyebrow serum better than castor oil?

There are several reasons why you should give up using of castor oil on your eyebrows. It’s high time to find out why a good brow conditioner is a better solution.

  • There are more ingredients in the eyebrow serum than in the castor oil
    Often, castor oil is one of the components of eyebrow serums. Besides this, it also contains all the necessary supplements to grow the eyelashes. On the contrary, the oil itself contains only some fatty acids and few vitamins.
  • The application of the conditioner is easier
    Most of the eyebrows serums are equipped with convenient applicators, which makes the application much easier. If we decide to use the castor oil, we need to remember than it’s more complicated. We should use our fingers or a clean mascara brush.
  • The eyebrow conditioner is rapidly absorbed
    The density of the castor oil not only hinders the application itself, but it also makes it difficult to absorb. The conditioner is usually water based to quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where it regenerates, nourishes and stimulates the bulbs. This way it doesn’t stick the brows together.
  • When choosing a conditioner, we pay for the highest quality
    A common argument for using castor oil is its price. It’s much cheaper than any conditioner, but in this case the quality goes with the price. When we choose a more expensive eyebrow serum, we actually pay for a better quality, ingredients and long-lasting results.
  • Eyebrow conditioner is a professional cosmetic
    If you wish to be sure of the results, go for the eyebrow conditioner. With castor oil it’s like playing roulette – it will work on some and will bring no effect to others. Remember that eyebrow serums are tested in terms of effectiveness and actually work very well.
  • Eyebrow conditioner lasts longer
    If we invest in a product with a light formula, we can expect 4-5 months of daily use. Whereas thick castor oil runs out fast and works much worse.

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