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Does frequent hair washing shorten its lifespan? How often should we wash hair?

Some women tend to wash hair every single day and can’t imagine not performing this ritual so often. Other women believe that frequent hair washing encourages greasy scalp. What frequency of washing is beneficial for hair?

Shampoos back then and nowadays

The only task that shampoos which were produced 50 years ago had was to cleanse hair. For that reason, it was advised to wash hair and scalp in a very vigorous way. This caused removal of natural protective substance (sebum) that scalp features. This, in turn, led to excessive production of sebum. And this is how the problem of greasy hair came into existence. The wise thought that there is just one way to cope with this matter: seldom hair washing.

How often should we wash hair?

Much has changed since then: people’s way of thinking evolved and new shampoos were created, which quality is significantly better nowadays. Therefore, the supporters of frequent, even everyday hair washing are right. However, there are a few crucial issues to bear in mind, and these are:

  • Use appropriate shampoos for everyday hair washing
    If your hair requires special treatment, for example a treatment combating dandruff or excessive sebum production, you should choose a delicate shampoo for everyday washing. Mind you, a special-purpose cosmetic affects hair structure significantly therefore you shouldn’t use it more frequently than once a week.
  • Save shampoo
    If you keep washing your hair every day, just one drop of this cosmetic will be able to freshen it up. Too much of the product applied might negatively influence scalp.
  • Apply shampoo to hair, not to the scalp
    Every time you enable shampoo become in contact with scalp, you disturb natural protective layer which leads to depriving the scalp of sebum. Your hair will remain greasy until this natural protective layer rebuilds itself. Therefore, keep massaging a shampoo, yet only into hair – let the hair be the only one that lathers.
  • Rinse off thoroughly
    Do your best to remove shampoo completely so as not to allow any residues of the cosmetic stay on your hair.
  • Limit the use of hair care products
    As compared to special-purpose shampoos, you should limit application of conditioners and masks. Too frequent use of these cosmetics is responsible for overburdening hair and lead to scalp getting greasy to fast. The exception here are super dry hair or sensitive scalp; in both cases, you should apply conditioners at every single hair washing.

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