Eyelash Care – Must-Follow Key Rules

The popularity of eyelash extensions and falsies mean we like to look good and attractive. Sadly, we know very little about the eyelash care routine. After all, it’s the easiest way to define the natural beauty of our eyes.

We tend to give up on dreams. Still, there are the ones you can realize, getting interested in the subject a bit. E.g dreaming of beautiful and long eyelashes. A little self-discipline and a good enhancing product are going to make you look stunning. How to care for lashes to define their natural color and shape?

Makeup Removal is a Must-Do

Removing makeup and impurities (which settle throughout the day) is good for a start. Go through this stage and move on to other steps. Never skip makeup removal because cosmetic buildup (especially waterproof products), toxins and sebum may settle in hair follicles, causing irritations. A good micellar water or a lightweight oil easily deals with dirt and prevents lash weakening.

Ensure an In-Depth Nourishing

Taking makeup off isn’t enough – it protects lashes but it doesn’t enhance them in any way. You must deliver nutrients using lash-enhancing products. The best eyelash growth serums combine natural ingredients with innovative, growth-stimulating substances. To effectively deliver them to lash bulbs, go for thin, precise applicators. It’s usually similar to an eyeliner brush which makes it easier for you to apply the serum to the lash roots (so it lets the product work faster).

Gentle Daily Lash Care

An eyelash serum may support your lashes, strengthening, nourishing, moisturising, adding shine and elasticity. The fact remains that eyelashes are very delicate and you must treat them gently. You can enhance your lash beauty with mascaras that include natural ingredients and nutrients as well as vitamin-rich makeup removing oils. Remember that all eye-area products (eye cream, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow) must be natural, weightless and hypoallergenic. Avoid damaging your lashes to enjoy a stunning look.

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