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File Gradation, So How To Take Care Of Fingernails

Do you often wonder what all these numbers on your nail file stand for? If you don’t have any idea what these signs mean, keep reading the article so the numbers will be no longer a mystery for you. Check how to file nails properly and which items to use.fingernail-file.jpg

Mysterious Numbers On A Fingernail File

There are as many techniques of filing fingernails as many women there are, and as many techniques as many kinds of nail files. Basically, there are paper, metal and glass tools that even fingernail edges. Regardless of the one you choose, you need to know that each of them has its own gradation. What does it mean? This is nothing more like granularity, so the number of tiny abrasive grains located in one square centimetre of a file. It goes without saying that the higher the number, the bigger the amount of grains in a file. And to put it differently, the greater the number of grains is, the gentler a file works.

How To File Fingernails?

Every beautician will warn you against filing your nails at various directions. A nail has to be filed starting from its outer part (from left to right) and ending in the middle. During the procedure try to use a few kinds and shapes of a file. Start from these coarse-grained and finish with polishing the nail.

What’s The Shape Of Files?

The shape of files depends on the brand and degree of gradation. The most universal and the most frequently used gadget is a strait and flat file. A thin file is used to grid down nails right at the finger tips. A boat type file is a combination of a straight and a round manicure item; it’s used to take care of the base of a finger. A banana-shape file is helpful with grinding down the hard-to-reach spots.

Other Gadgets Useful To Do Manicure

Probably, every beautician can’t imagine her work without having a nail buffer block at hand. This type of nail file works best for polishing finger plates right before applying hybrid manicure. What’s interesting, this item doesn’t harm nails. In fact, it works quite opposite as it smooths and delivers gloss to fingernails. In order to gift nails with a neat shape, you will also need a wood stick cuticle pusher. Thanks to this item you can remove cuticles whereas their residues can be smoothed with a buffer. Also, to obtain perfect-looking fingernails, you can do with nail pincers and cuticle nippers.

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