How to pick the best oil for face?

In terms of skin care, natural oil should be considered as an essential. It can’t be denied, the world has gone crazy about all-natural beauty oils! But have you ever wondered whether such products are worth the hype?

Face oils are lightweight and more natural than regular skin care products. Despite being fairly thick, there’s a growing tendency to replace regular facial creams with the very natural oils. Undoubtedly, applying natural oils to face is getting more and more common. Obviously, different oils influence skin differently. It’s determined by the size of the molecules the oils are made of as well as of the fatty acids they contain. Go on reading to learn what natural oil will serve your skin type best.

What are the benefits of applying natural oils to face skin?

Actually, there are plenty of benefits to mention. The first one – and probably the most important too – is the fact that natural oils are able to balance skin’s pH and promote faster cell turnover. As a consequence, the skin becomes softer and feels smooth, which the majority of women surely consider to be a desired effect. Moreover, thanks to natural oils, we protect the complexion against the harmfulness of the sun and urban pollution. Another plus of treating skin with natural oils is that these natural substances delay ageing and supply the skin with nutrients – good fatty acids that are vital for human’s body. With that being said, natural oils appear to be perfect to be used as an element of our daily beauty ritual.

Application of natural oils to face. How to do it correctly?

There are various ways that can be used in order to apply the natural oils to the face. For example, you can use a natural oil as a face serum, makeup base or the main ingredient of your homemade facial mask. Surprisingly, natural oils can be also used as makeup removers! What’s interesting, natural oils should be followed with a moisturizer because they don’t have strong moisturizing effects when used solo. The most favorable are the facial creams containing hyaluronic acid. Nevertheless, this rule doesn’t apply to the owners of oily and combination skin types – don’t overload the face with an additional layer (resign from using a moisturizer/cream). Instead, try to find a natural oil that will restore the skin’s balance and reduce the sebum secretion.

Mixing a few drops of natural oil with a regular face cream is also a good solution. However, you shouldn’t do this when your moisturizer is lightweight or has a gel consistency.

The best natural oils for face

Being the most popular, argan oil is recommended to dry and mature skin mostly. It has a proven rejuvenating effect, it effectively replenishes skin with nutrients and water. Additionally, argan oil is also responsible for ensuring protection. And this is not all. This natural oil reduces wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and pigmentation spots. This means that argan oil can help you get rid of dark circles! Finally, it works well as a body and nail serum, yet it’s the most efficacious when used on hair.

Jojoba oil penetrates our skin incredibly fast because it’s similar to the human sebum. When used regularly, it will measurably improve moisture levels in skin and relieve irritations. Is your skin acne-prone? Seek no longer because this oil is ideal for you.

Vitamin-dense raspberry seed oil is perfect for mature skin that requires hydration. This oil is proven to have a positive effect on skin because it promotes skin cell renewal processes. It even shares the protecting qualities with SPF. Apart from delaying ageing, raspberry seed oil doesn’t clog skin pores and has a lightweight consistency.

One of the gentlest oils is sweet almond oil. Application of this oil brings nothing but benefits – it improves moisture in skin, prevents premature aging and even has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Sweet almond oil is safe both for adults and kids. If your skin seems to be somehow lifeless and deprived of shine, you shall be happy with the effects that regular application of sweet almond oil produces.

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